Will's Card of the Day for November 10,2001
Vegeta the Determined Lv.1  Set:Trunks Saga 
Rarity: Semi-rare(starter deck personality) Card#:173
P.U.R.:2  1 of 9 Vegeta  Versions: Non-Foil only
Highest Powerstage: 500,000
Lowest Powerstage: 275,000

Constant Combat Power:When defending in combat, raise
your anger 1 level after Vegeta receives damage from a
physical attack performed against him.
Quote:"So let's stop talking and cut to the chase.
This time you're going down!"-Vegeta,Namek Saga
My Veiw: Vegeta the Determined belongs in an anger
deck. His power let's him raise your anger everytime
your opponent attacks you with a physical attack.
Saiyan decks and Black decks need to watch out when
players are using him in an anger deck. This card will
work well with a card like Red Burning Stance, which
does the same thing except you can be the attacker to
use it. He has good powerstages and a good power up
Chances of finding them: Booster Pack:0% Booster Box:
0%  Starter deck: 20%  Random store: 56%