Will's Card of the Day for November 6,2001
Black Style Mastery   Card Number:145

Set: Trunks Saga  Rarity: Rare  6 of 15 Piccolo

Card Type: Mastery
Power: All of your successful attacks do +1 life card and +1 power stage of damage. Black Style attacks do +2 life cards and +2 power stages of damage instead.
Chances of getting one:
Pack: 20%  Box: 78%  Random Store: 55%
Value: $10.00  Popularity Level(1-5):5
My View: This card has pounder written all over it. All of your Black Style attacks do +2 L.C. And +2 P.S.? That's amazing! Playing the right personality, drills, and attacks, you could be hitting your opponent for 15 life cards each attack phase! A good Black Style deck has this card, strong Black Stye cards, and drills that add to your damage. Also, put Black Zarbon Transformation Drill in to increase your P.U.R.
My Grade(1-10): 10: A must have!