Will's Card of the Day for February 7, 2002
First of all, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did! I got a GameCube! XBox stinks and the PS2 is ok. I also got one booster box from the Saiyan Saga! Well tournaments are going about every other week at the store were I play. I've been getting better! Send in tournament reports! I'd like to see them. Pojo would like to post them. Well, on with the card of the day.
Cell, Stage One    Promotional High-Tech
Saga:Cell   1 of 2 Cell  R9  2 Stars  Level: One (1)
P.U.R.: 3   Highest Power Stage: 600,000   1st Above Zero: 150,000
Power: Physical attack doing +3 powerstages of damage. If you declared
a Tokui-Waza, you may use this power twice per combat.
Why?: This Cell is awesome. A high PUR, Moderate powerstages, and an awesome power make this guy cool. He'd work best in three decks: Orange Style, Black Style, and Saiyan Style. Orange Style because of his PUR. You could get alot of energy attacks in and eliminate the opponent's power stages. Black mainly because of his power. Saiyan because is very easy to keep your opponent at zero using the Trunks Saga Saiyan Mastery. His only problem is his powerstages. They could've been tweaked.
My rating: 4 stars (Great)
Chances of getting one:
Pack: 0%  Booster Box: 0%  Starter Deck: %   Random Store: 25%  Redemption: 45%
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