Cells Threatening Position C6 Rare


Text: Villains Only. Reduces your opponents Main personality to its
level 1 personality card. Limit 1 Per Deck. Remove from the game after
Well this preview of the cell saga card caught everyone's attention. The
ability to make your opponent go from level 3 to level 1 in just 1 shot.
The bad thing is that it is a villains only card. Its still great none
the less. This card is a staple card in most decks that despise anger
decks. Trunks energy sphere can stop this card cold as well. A tip to
insure that they will not stop it is either draw TES and CTP or use
Piccolo and heroes gather to grab those 2 COMBAT cards. Blue decks will
always have this card in their decks as well so watch out anger decks!
I rate this card a 7/10 its probably the best card but if it was
accessible to Heroes too it would get a 10

- Trunks the Swordsman