Hello to all! Sorry for not doing any cotd's for awhile. I've been busy
fixing up the new pojo dbz ccg league and couldn't find anytime to do
reviews. But im back and today im looking at Bulma's looking good.


Bulma's Looking Good - Uncommon - Androids Saga
Power: Use when entering Combat. Your opponent discards a card at random
from his hand.
Okay a card that is really useful! The card says when entering combat
your opponent has to discard a card at random from his hand. Card
advantage is one of the best ways of winning in this game and making
them drop 1 card from their hand always helps. The best way to use this
is card is to wait for your opponent to keep one card in his hand then
on your turn start a combat, bulmas looking good is used when entering
combat before your opponent gets a chance to draw 3 so they lose the
card they were saving and that may give you a huge advantage. Because
that card could have been a their only defensive card or a strong
attacking card that they were saving for you.
        City in turmoil and Knockout Drill destroys this card but with a little
luck you may be able to use this card before those cards appear in play.
Using this card when your opponent declares combat can be okay but id
rather use it when i declare the combat.
Rating: 6/10 i gave this card a six since it can be used when entering
combat and wont waste a turn to attack and it is accessible to villains
and heroes. Bad thing is that it is a random card but hey maybe you'll
get lucky!