Hello! Im back with a brand new card of the day! Today i decided to look
at black mischievous drill. It may look like a stupid drill but don't be
fooled by it. It has an awesome power that shouldn't be taken lightly.
Black Mischievous Drill - Rare - Android Saga
Power: If you declared a tokui-waza. whenever your opponent places in
play a non-combat card. you may discard the top 5 from your life deck to
remove that non-combat card from the game. Your opponent may not use
that non-combat card. Limit 1 per deck

Well besides the fact that this card should say if you declared
tokui-waza cos there's no way you could use this card if you declared
any other tokui-waza x_x. Anyway you discard the top 5 cards of your
life deck in order to deny your opponent of his/her non-combats. And yes
only non-combat/non-dragonball cards can be targeted of course. Okay so
what are the strengths of this card? Well if you have a deck set around
DB victory this card can stop kami fades/guru fades before it even hits
the table. Then there are the annoying non-combat cards that you can get
rid of if you play other than db victory.
        You can stop your opponents black searching technique, Frieza is ready,
vegeta's quickness drill, and those other great non-combats we use in
decks. Now the huge weakness of this card is the obvious. You lose 5
life cards every time you use it. That's a high price to pay. Also it is
limit 1 per deck so you probably wont have a good chance of getting this
card in your hand and into play fast enough. Battleground City in
Turmoil (android saga rare #92) can easily make this card worthless
since it denies all non-combats from being used. This card has the
awesome power but it also has a lot of weaknesses. And with the android
saga out. There's alot of non-combat card destroyers as well.
I rate this card 4/10.
        This card has the awesome power but it also has a lot of weaknesses. It
can be good but its just not good enough. High life card price to pay
and limit 1 per deck. It may be worth it in a black dragonball deck but
its not worth it in any other black deck.