Catching up with CotD's i've missed. I give you another CotD!
Android 20's Energy Dive - Uncommon - Androids Saga
Energy Combat
Power: Villains Only. Energy attack doing +3 power stages of damage.
Costs 1 power stage to perform

WOW! An energy attack that does 4 life cards and an additional +3 power
stages and with the cheap cost of 1 power stage. This card is a very
cheap card that is excellent. Black mastery can add in an addition +1
life card and +1 power stage making this cheap attack very powerful. I
recommend this in villain black mastery decks cos its obvious. Its
colorless. Its cheap. And its powerful for 1 power stage.
6/10 - Aww too bad it wasn't black style card or it would have gotten a
8 or 9. But 6 is pretty nice. This card is extremely effective in black
tokui-waza decks. Its a shame that its villains only. But it only costs
a measly power stage