Well hello to all my fans (if any). Im back. I've been kinda lazy and stuff but im back and ready to give the voters what they want. And that's the MP's of GOHAN! So lets get started.

Gohan lvl. 1 The Furious
Max Power Level - 200,000
PUR - 2
Power: Physical attack doing +4 power stages.
Gohan lvl. 2 The Fighter
Max Power Level - 300,000
PUR - 3
Defense Shield: When defending in combat, stop the first unstopped
attack performed on you.
Gohan lvl. 3 The Warrior
Max Power Level - 500,000
PUR - 4
CCP: While defending in combat, raise your anger 1 level after Gohan
receives damage from an energy attack performed against him.
Gohan lvl. 4 Empowered
Max Power Level - 550,000
PUR - 5
Power: When defending in combat you may also draw the bottom card of
your discard pile into your hand.

Gohan lvl. 2 High Tech
Max Power Level - 300,000
PUR - 3
CCP: Do +2 life cards of damage with every successful energy attack.
Super Saiyan Gohan Lvl. 1   (Note: This card may not be used in official
score tournaments till sometime in OCT.)
Max Power Level - 1,100,000
PUR - 1
Power: When entering the combat as the attack you may draw a card.
         Phew that's all of them. Now lets talk about their powers first. Gohan
lvl.1 has a nice physical doing +4 stages. This is extremely good since
gohan has such a low power level. If you do hit them with this you're
guaranteed at least 4 power stages. Gohan lvl.2 has a defense shield
that will stop 1 unstopped attack. An energy attack or a physical attack
will be stopped by this shield.
         Gohan lvl.3 is a okay power if you want to win by anger. i don't like
the fact that it has to be an energy attack though. There's alot of
power energy attacks now. No energy attack is the normal 4 in most games
now. Gohan lvl.4 well this power is okay. It doesn't really matter cos
once you get to level 4 you win. Being able to draw an extra card from
the bottom of your discard is helpful. This may be tuff enuff material
but its not likely.
         Gohan Lvl.2 HT power is one of the best. Doing +2 with all energy
attacks is extremely helpful in depleting your opponents deck. And
finally Super Saiyan Gohan. When you start a combat you're allowed to
draw another card. Card advantage is the big advantage in this game. And
letting you draw another card is excellent bad PUR though.
         Okay, I've talked about all of their powers so now ill talk about which
decks best suit them.

Black Tokui-Waza: SSGohan or Gohan lvl 1 (TS), Gohan HT and 3-4 (TS)
         If you black deck goes for Physical Beat down Gohan lvl.1 is nice but
you can also consider SSGohan since you draw an extra card and its high
power levels. Black Mastery adds in +1 stages and +1 life card for any
successful attack and if its a black style card its +2/+2 stages/cards.
Most of the black style cards like black gut wrench do +4 and with the
mastery that's +2 more and after checking the attack table for base
damage you can be doing some serious with his little super saiyan.
         Gohan lvl.2 ht is great if your deck is based on nothing but energy
attacks. With gohan lvl.2 out a black fore fist punch can do a whopping
10 life cards worth of damage. Any normal energy attacks will do a whole
7 life cards worth of damage. Pair that up with KHSB (Krillins Heat
Seeking Blast) and that's an almost unstoppable attack of 7 life cards.
This HT is great in black energy attacking decks. The downside to this
is that you have to get to level 2 fast. But there's plenty of cards to
get you to the next level quick so it shouldn't be that much of a
Saiyan Tokui-Waza: Gohan (TS) Lvl.1-4
         Okay. You may say why gohan lvl.1 in a saiyan deck? Why not use
SSGohan? Well ill explain. Saiyan decks are typically 50-60 cards and
with Saiyan Style Mastery you will be drawing 4 cards a turn and combat
as well. Using SSGohan will just make you deck faster if you keep on
drawing the extra card every combat. Gohan TS is pure speed in a saiyan
         You will usually start at full because of his low power level. And if
not he has a PUR of 2 while SSGohan has a PUR of 1. And also Gohan (TS)
has an attack that does +4 for free! I've done 20+ life cards worth of
damage on the first turn with this dude. He may look small but he packs
         And there you have it. The winner of this months poll for MP of
September. I will have a new poll for Octobers evil villain MP sometime
next week. Thanks to all that voted!