Today i am looking at 2 cards that have been errata'd cos they are the most broken cards i have ever played with. Vegeta's Smirk and Goku's Lucky Break

Vegeta's Smirk - Promo - Burger king promotion card
Power: Select any Dragon Ball in your deck and put it into play.
(Errata: Limit 1 per deck)

For those who don't know what errata is. It is simply a new ruling over a card. Even though it doesn't say limit 1 per deck on the card, official rules say it is limit 1 per deck.

Goku's Lucky Break - Saiyan Saga - Rare
Power: Draw an unused Dragon Ball from your life deck and place it down.
Shuffle our deck afterwards. (Errata: Limit 1 per deck)
Okay both of these cards were restricted to 1 per deck. Obviously because of their awesome powers. Imagine decks in the beginning 4 Vegeta's smirk or 4 Goku's lucky break. It was so easy to win by DB
victory. Anyway even though these cards were restricted to 1 per deck they are still great nonetheless. Both of these cards are powerful if used correctly. Say your opponent starts a combat and you have smirk
out. Now you use smirk on your attack phase grab EB 7 to stop the combat and put Vegeta's smirk and 2 other non-combats. If you are playing a DB deck that only relies on dragonball victory these cards are a must.
I give both cards a 10/10 they would have scored less but you know what?
you don't have to discard them from the game after one use ^_^

- Trunks