Hello all !

I've decided to try something new for card of the days.. I

guess you can call these Double CotD's. Which is basically 2 cards that
either work in the same way or can be used as a combo. Anyway lets get
to cards.
Namek Dragon Ball 4 - Trunks Saga - Uncommon
Power: Discard all opponents' Non-Combat/Non-Dragon ball cards in play
Don't You Just Hate That - Trunks Saga - Rare
Power: Remove two of your opponent's Non-combat/non-Dragon Ball cards in
play from the game. Remove from the game after use. Limit 1 per deck.

Its amazing too see the look on your opponents face when you play down
DYJHT. This card makes them fear for their precious non-combat cards
that we all love to use. Just wait for the right time to play this card
and your opponent will try everything in his/her power to get rid of
this one card. The weakness to this card is the obvious. Its non-combat
so you gotta use it during combat. But there's another card to cover its
Namek Dragon Ball 4 is an instant jaw dropper. Play this card when your
opponent has more than 4 non combats in play and watch how mad they get.
Namek Dragon Ball 4 works instantly if there's nothing than can stop the
powers of dbs. (Watch out for Knock out drill, City in turmoil, Black
water confusion drill and No really? drill. Guru fades is something to
really watch out for as well.) Non-combats are always helpful and
destroying your opponents non-combats weakens them if they rely on
I give DYJHT a 9/10 cos of the obvious weakness of having to use it
during combat.

I give Namek Dragon Ball 4 a 10/10 cos its power is used once its

played. very useful and fast.