Okay before i start this card of the day.. I just wanna introduce
myself. I am TrunksTheSwordsman. Some people may already know i am also
in fact FlareonMaster from pojo's pokemon site. I haven't quit pokemon
completely. I have just found a new interest in DBZ ccg since pokemon
has gotten stale. But anyway hello to all and thanks for reading my
CotD's. Now onto the card.
Straining Jump Kick Move - Uncommon 

Physical combat

Power: Physical Attack doing 7 life cards of damage and costs 2 power
stages to use. If successful raise your opponents anger 6 levels
Ah.. looks can be deceiving about this card. You think, sure its 7 life
cards of damage and costs you 2 stages. Then if it works your opponent
gains a MP level. But there is something helpful about this card. Trunks
HT level 1 personality and Vinegar HT level 1 are commonly played cos of
their powers. Most players base their decks around these level 1's. So
what happens when you use SJKM and its successful? It turns their deck
from greatness to crappiness. This card is one of best straining move
cards in the game. Throw at least 2 in your deck!