Hello! I'm back again today with the card i promised to review yesterday! (actually ... he sent this to me the day after, but I took the weekend off, and didn't post it for 4 days. Sorry Trunks! - Pojo)

And that card is one of the most powerful card in all Dragonball Z CCG. Trunks Energy Sphere!

Trunks Energy Sphere - Trunks Saga - 3 star Uncommon
Power: Use when needed. Stop the effects of any COMBAT card.

Cool looking foil huh? Anyway lets review it.

    Okay first I'm going to explain the correct way this card is suppose to be used. Because I get emails saying its stops any type of card. This card stops COMBAT cards only. COMBAT cards are stuff like.. Saiyan Truce Card, Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt (Official Errata has changed this card into a COMBAT card), Ally Wins!, Time is a warriors tool. Those are some of the combat cards that can be stopped by Trunks Energy Sphere.

It can be use when needed.
It stops the most powerful type of cards.
Its not removed from t! he game.

    Trunks energy sphere is a very helpful card in any deck. I have 3 of these cards in all my decks. With the powerful combat cards being released such as Black Scout Maneuver and Android 18's stare down this card can block those evil cards. This card is very versatile and fits in any deck since it is a named card as well.

Its the only card that stops effects of combat cards.
It can be countered by another trunks energy sphere.
It stops all effects so if you TES their CPH it wont be removed from game.

    Well theres always a good side and a bad side to cards. Trunks energy sphere stops all effects of that combat card. So if the card says remove from the game after use, trunks energy sphere cancels that effect and it gets discarded instead. So there may be a good chance you will see that card used again later on in the game. The other thing is that it can be TES'd by another ! TES since it is used when needed. But the worse thing is.........this is the only card that can stop combat cards sadly. Theres nothing else but TES to stop all these hard hitting combats. 

My rating for this card is a 9/10. This card stops combat cards. Its used when needed. It deserves a high rating.

Well that is it for today. Tomorrow i will review a randomly selected email with their CotD suggestion.