Hello!!! I am back today with an all new card. Today i have decided to take a look at master roshis island! (Note: I've been getting lots of e-mails asking about the cards. So to let you all know. All these card scans are from my personal collection.) And yes this one is foil ^_^

Master Roshi's Island - AS - 3 Star Uncommon
Power: All named cards cost +2 life cards to play.

    Such a nasty card huh? We all love those named cards like Vegeta's physical stance and Yamcha's Skillful Defense. But man this card makes them work at a cost. Sure 2 life cards doesn't seem much but it will hurt in the end. Imagine once roshis island is put into play your opponent is going to  keep on forcing combats and make you use those precious blocks that we all love to use. This card should never be taken lightly.

Now the Pros and Cons about this card.

You! r Opponent has to pay +2 life cards including the cost of the attack.
Its uncommon. Easier to find.
Your Opponent will skip lots of combats till he draws a location to counter it.
Nothing can stop its effect.
It can be countered but only by another location.

    Now from all the decks I've seen and played in tournaments, there is always at least a few named cards if not many. The usual cards are stuff like yamcha's skillful defense, Vegeta's physical stance, Chiaotzu's psychic halt, Trunks Energy Sphere, etc. Now with roshis island out you can really hurt them since they have to pay 2 life cards just to use a named card. What is not good about forcing your opponent to pay 2 life cards to use a block?

It works on all players. Including you.
If not put into play quickly it may be removed from the game before you can even draw it. I.E. Black searching technique.

    Well of cour! se the card also effects you as well. So you must pay the 2 life cards as well when you play a named type card. Such a downer huh?

    The best ways of using this card in a deck is using stuff like a Namekian Tokui-Waza Deck since the deck recycles with Namekian Mastery and other Namekian cards. You wont worry about losing 2 life cards because you'll end up getting them back later on in the game. Another way to use this card is to make your deck completely rainbow with all sorts of colored cards without using any type of named card (which is quite a challenge). Try adding in Orange energy dan drill to search their deck for all their locations and discard them to insure they never ever use a location to counter yours. If you can do that you can have a game locked. Since theres no way of countering roshi's island they'll be forced to try and win by paying the cost of roshi's island.

My rating on this ! card gets a 5/10. This card can be evil if it is used in the proper deck.

    Well thats it for today! Tomorrow i will review Trunks Energy Sphere.And also on Saturday I will randomly pick an email with a card of the day suggestion! So if you haven't wrote an email with a suggestion for a COTD to me.. You better now! My email is TrunksTheSwordsman@pojo.com