Well its time for the Main personality card review for the month of October! Sorry I didn't do it sooner but I've been busy with school work but anyway lets review the winner for October and the Main personality for October is none other than Frieza!

Frieza the Monster Lvl. 1
Max Power Level - 350,000
PUR - 1
Constant Combat Power: Frieza does +1 power stage and +1 life card of damage with every energy attack.

Frieza the Conqueror Lvl. 2
Max Power Level - 900,000
PUR - 2
Constant Combat Power: Frieza does +2 power stages of damage with every physical attack and +2 life cards of damage with every energy attack.

Frieza the Cyborg Lvl. 3
Max Power Level - 1,200,000
PUR - 3
Constant Combat Power: Frieza does +2 power stages and +2 life cards of damage with every attack.

Frieza the Revived
Max Power Level - 1,300,000
PUR - 3
Constant Combat Power: When defending in combat after taking life cards of damage from an energy attack. place the top card in your discard pile at the bottom of your life deck

Frieza the Master Lvl. 2 HT
Max Power Level - 900,000
PUR - 2
Constant Combat Power: Each successful physical attack forces your opponent to remove the top card in their discard pile from the game.

Well thats all of them. Now lets talk about each of their CCP. Frieza's powers are all constant so they always work. Frieza's lvl. 1 adds +1/+1 Power stages/life cards with every energy attack. Frieza's lvl 2 power adds +2 to any physical attack or +2 life cards to any energy attack. Frieza's lvl 3 power is great since its +2/+2 power stages/life cards with any attack meaning physical or energy attack.
     Frieza's lvl 4 power isnt worth mentioning really. And his lvl 2 HT is just as bad since you have to get hit in order to use the powers. Now ill talk about frieza and what decks you should add him into.

Black Tokui-Waza: Frieza 1-4 Lvl. 2 Non HT

     Now this is one of the obvious choices to put frieza in. His many powers add more punch to your black deck. Black style mastery adds in +1/+1 for any attack and +2/+2 for any black style attack. Now you add that with frieza and 1 energy attack can do as much as 3 power stages and 7 life cards worth of base damage not including modifiers. As you go up in personality levels your attack just get more powerful. His level 3 power will make black fore fist punch do 10 life cards and 4 power stages and it would only cost 2 measly power stages not to shabby at all.

Orange Tokui-Waza: Frieza 1-4 Lvl. 2 Non HT

     Orange tokui waza is an all out assualt with the most powerful energy attacks and cheapest as well. Since all of frieza's powers work when you perform energy attacks, it fits in nicely. Orange has a nice drill as well. Its called Orange Aura Drill which adds +2 life cards to all your energy attacks if you declare Tokui-Waza and with frieza's power thats already 3 extra life cards. Then the orange style mastery adds another +1 life card as well.
      Plus all of the orange style energy attacks already do 5,6,7 life cards base damage. Frieza's powers adds more power to orange even though orange is already powerful enough.

     And there you have it. Frieza is useful in decks that are based on Survival decks. The only thing i recommend looking out for is Piccolo The Trained Lvl. 1 (AS). This guy can shut down any one personality power for the whole combat. If you rely on frieza's power you may be in trouble.