Well I have been gone for a long time -.- sorry about that guys. I've been busy. Anyway, I decided for taking so long to make another COTD id review an Ultra Rare card for all of you.. so here it is.. Trunks Guardian Drill

Trunks Guardian Drill - AS - 6 Star Ultra Rare
Power: Heroes Only. Once per combat in place of an attack you may place in play a non-combat card from your hand.

Well it is no wonder why this card was made an ultra rare. Placing 1 non-combat card into play during combat can be very helpful. Dragon ball decks can benefit from this card. If you have to defend in combat and you end up drawing 2 good non-combats you can place one in play. That way you wont have to discard the other one at the end of combat. I say this because most dragonball decks have alot of non-combat cards. Some disadvantages about this card is that its an UR so its not so easy to get a hold of. Also its heroes only. Its uses are very li! mited as well..

My rating for this card is 4/10
It does have a nice drill power. But theres alot of cards that discard drills now. So it may not be worth the deck space.

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