I've decided to do a card that is very underrated and deserves some respect. Piccolo and heroes gather is the underrated card so lets see it reviewed.

Piccolo And Heroes Gather - TS - 5 Star Rare   
Power: Discard 2 cards. Search your life deck for 2 COMBAT cards, show them to your opponent and place them in your hand.

Alright, Yeah sure it looks crappy because you gotta discard 2 cards. But think of the advantages.. In my opinion combat cards have their fair share of power. So you discard 2 cruddy cards from your hand in order to search your deck for 2 combat cards. Now that CHP (Chiaotzu's Psychic Halt) is considered a COMBAT card you can easily go searching for that card. Another combat card that is powerful is STC (Saiyan Truce Card), Which stops the combat and lets you keep your hand till your next turn. Anger deck about to win? discard 2 cards search for TES (Trunks Energy Sphere) and CTP (Cells Threatening Position! ) to ensure your opponent goes back to their level 1 card. And the list goes on.. Android 18's stare down, confrontation, Blue leaving, Time is a warriors tool, etc. The disadvantage of this card? Not much really. discarding 2 cards wont hurt much since you'll be searching your deck for something to give you the advantage of the combat.

My rating on this card is a 6/10
Searching your deck for combat cards is a huge advantage. and discarding 2 cards is a fine cost to pay.

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