Alright well I've pulled myself away from FFX (Final Fantasy 10) to check the results of the COTD poll for today 1/10/02. I was really surprised that Namekian Mastery has won! Anyway thanks to all who voted! Now on to the CotD.

Namekian Style Mastery - Cell Saga - 5 Star Rare - 141
Power: When entering combat. shuffle the top card from your discard pile into your life deck. If that card is a Namekian style card. Draw a card.

Namekian fighting style has always remained the same. Regeneration. And that is exactly what this mastery does. Every combat you keep on adding back a life card over and over. Cell saga has put in alot of cards that regenerate. Namekian fist smash, Namekian regeneration. just to name some.

Well I personally haven't seen many people play this new mastery. I'm still seeing people playing with the Trunks Saga's Mastery since you take the bottom card of your discard pile into your hand and if its a Namekian style card you power up to full. This new mastery doesn't power you up to full and it doesn't give you another card if it isn't Namekian so that sucks. But there are some good ways of putting this mastery to good use.

Expectant Trunks. Since this mastery is used when entering combat and expectant trunks does the same. You can use expectant trunks first and get the card you want. Discard expectant trunks then use the Namekian mastery to shuffle back in expectant trunks and use again later on. Theres other uses besides expectant trunks though. Namekian regeneration isn't removed from the game so you if you play right and get that on to the top of your discard pile the next combat can reshuffle that card into the game for use again.

Namekian Dragon ball decks will like this card as well. Since you keep on recycling cards like powerful followers, Earth DragonBall Capture, Vegeta's Smirk, Straining energy move,Goku's Lucky break, and so forth. It can be pretty annoying seeing them get those cards back over and over.

Now. Theres only really 3 Main Personalities that can use this mastery.. Namely Piccolo, Cell, and Nail. So you don't have a big selection to choose from. The newest piccolo set in the cell saga concentrates on shuffling cards from your discard pile back into the deck. Cell's powers are for mostly physical beatdown (aka Cell Level 1 HT). Nail's powers aren't too bad but is kind of risky with the huge power levels now.

As far as which mastery to choose from trunks saga or cell saga. If you want to keep your deck recycling cards over and over pick Cell saga's mastery. If you want to stay at full and have an extra card every combat choose trunks saga's mastery.

Time to rate this card!

Rating: 6.5/10
Good for recycling your deck but it doesn't power you up to full like the old one.
Alright that is it for now. If you would like for me to do another poll for the next mastery ill be glad to make a poll. Just email me.