Alright its now January 1, 2002 so to start off this new year I'm back and with a new card of the day!! Today i will look at one of the newest masteries in the cell saga. Saiyan Style Mastery!

Cell Saga - Rare 5 Star - 130
Saiyan Style Mastery
Power: When entering combat, discard a life card. If that card is a Saiyan Style Card. Draw 2 cards. If that card is not a Saiyan Style Card. Draw a card.

Wow! Some power! Discard a card every combat for a chance to draw 2 more cards. I personally love this new mastery. I have made a deck with this mastery and it has performed well in a tournament. Anyway lets analyze it.

So you get to discard a life card every combat to draw either 1 or 2 more cards. Now i know alot of people say this card sucks or Saiyan suicide as IQ calls it -_- . Yes this card does make you take at the most 3 cards from your deck every time combat starts. This can make you deck faster than any other deck out there. So if you are going to make a deck centered around Cell Saga's Saiyan Style Mastery you may want to start at 75 cards first.

What is the use of new Saiyan Style Mastery?

Speed. That's the only way ill describe it. This mastery makes Saiyan the fastest deck in the game. If your opponent draws a crappy defensive hand and you have 5-6 attacks that do allot of damage. Chances are the game will be over after that combat. My deck alone ripped up an orange deck first turn due to my opponent drawing 1 physical defense. I did a good 10-30 life cards. He never knew what hit him.

What is the disadvantage of the new Saiyan Style Mastery?

Well unlike Trunks Saga's Saiyan Style Mastery. Your opponent doesn't lose 4 power stages if you draw a saiyan card every combat. So your opponent will have some opportunities to attack with energy attacks. (saiyan decks weakness) Energy attacks are Saiyan killers. Since you draw so many cards your deck gets smaller and smaller and with energy attacks depleting your deck even more you will deck fast. So thats the bad thing about the new mastery. You just gotta deplete their power stages the old fashion way.. Physical attacks.

Which MP works well with this new Saiyan Style Mastery?

Well only Saiyans and Cell may declare Saiyan Tokui-wazas. I personally use goku from the cell saga. Since his power allows you to draw a card. Thus giving me a chance for a 7 card hand. I've seen others use Cell and his level 1 HT. Which allows him to perform a physical attack for +3 stages and he may use it twice if he declares a tokui-waza. But its your decision. Use the MP that you think works perfect with your deck. Switch MPs and see which one you like.

Some Tips on building a deck with this new mastery.

Well the point of this new mastery is to usually discard a saiyan card every combat to draw 2 cards. So when building a deck you should have more saiyan style cards than any other card.

Deck count should be around 70-75. You can make it smaller but. The smaller it is the faster you'll deck.

Don't put in so many non saiyan style cards.

Keep non-combats to a minimum of 1-3. You don't need to be drawing non-combats when you are attacking your opponent >.<

My opinion on this card:

This is personally one of my new favorite cards. I love playing fast paced. And this card just does that. With this new mastery some games don't take as long. Compared to the Trunks saga's Saiyan style mastery I like the new one alot better.

Alright.. Time to rate this new saiyan style mastery..
I give this Card a 7/10
Speed. But decks you fast as well.

Like the new writing style? Ill be happy to put in your questions in the next cards. Just send me an email and I may put up your question on the card you ask about.