Subject: Re: Roshi's Back - Backlash

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From: Esteeb Gonzalez
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:56:26 -0700 (PDT)

Hello.I want to know if you could help me with this deck I have been working on for awhile.Its a normal Cosmic Backlash deck with Roshi.But now that Backlash is Tuff Enuff only should I change the deck around???

Main Personality
Roshi 1-3 CCPP

North Kai

Caught Off Guard Drill x2
Showdown x2
Krillins Thoughts x2
Black Weakness Drill x2
Releasing the Sword

Earth 3
Earth 5

Confrontation x3
Battle Pausing
Saiyan Truce
TES x3
Blue Leaving x2

Physical Attacks
cosmic backlash x3
Red shielded Strike x3
Gohans Kick x2

Physical Defense
Saiyan power Block x3
Pikkons Leg Catch x3(i dont have 3 of these yet do think there is a sub i could put in until i get them) Blue Leverage NPR VPS

Energy Attacks
Krillins Solar flare x3

Energy Defnse
Saiyan Neutralization
FFB(I dont have this yet either)

Also i dont have access to every card like other people who can make this deck in a day it has taken me like 2 months to get this far.Also do u know of anywhere I can get some leg catches for cheap???Thanks.

Like Cheerio's wit plenty O's

Well, of course you should switch the deck around. It has to be TE silly.

North Kai is a fine Sensei, but I would try adding cards to the Sensei Deck. I would put Black Scout Maneuvers in there as added insurance against other Scout Maneuvers.

Your non-combats are mostly good; take out Krillin's Thoughts. I would put in Where There's Life There's Hope, Fatherly Advice, Expectant Trunks, Champion Drill, Victorious Drill, Vegeta's Quickness Drill, and Black Smoothness Drill. If you don't have the URs and Ubers, don't worry about it. You need the Smoothness to help get the card advantage for perfect Backlash, and ET is just really good for that one combat you need. Krillin's Concentration/Piccolo and Heroes Gather might be helpful.

I would run EDB7 over those two DBs. It has the potential to setup a perfect Backlash by itself, with the help of a card or so in your hand.

Part of perfect Backlash is Piccolo's Fist Block, which you are missing. Other than that I don't really see any Combat cards you are missing.

That's a lot of physical defense... you could run more Blue Leverage. Pikkon's Leg Catch is nice; you can try Goku's Quick Dodge.

For more energy defense, you could run Goku's Running Defense and Straining Focusing Move. Neutralization is an interesting card. I've had Goku Swiftly Moving mess me up when used on a Solar Flare.

I would also run Winter Countryside just in case of Are You Tuff Enuff, and you also need some non-combat defense. You don't have much, and a nicely placed Caught Off Guard Drill naming Cosmic Backlash can mean good game. I know Showdown and your COGD can neutralize this, but that's not enough.

Good luck. This can work nicely; try it and see. Hope for no Black Scout Maneuver though.

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