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From: "Crimson Eyes" Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 10:14:43 -0700

I have acquired what local help I can find on this deck, and I figured it would not hurt to see your opinion on this, as you are a skilled and well-known player.
Upon seeing Fusion saga, I was struck by the power of the new Majin Buu lvl 1. Originally, this deck relied on Cell's lvl 1 HT, sitting there, using the CS Red Mastery and Red's numerous double attacks to hit hard and fast. Now that Cell only does 2 vs an opponent at zero, I have subbed him out (losing my main tech vs. anger, ally, and noncombat, that being cell's instant tranmission), for Evil Buu. I am wondering what tech vs. dball, and possibly anger, I could run. I was thinking of adding City In Turmoil and Tree of Might, the tree being able to fetch sensei-deckable Breakthrough Drill, and Garlic Jr.'s Black Water Mist Drill (sadly, not senseiable). Any thoughts you can give would help.
The idea of the deck, quite simply, is to sit at level one, get food (red cards), into the discard pile, and pound away.
Majin Buu, Evil Buu lvl 1
Majin Buu, Super Buu lvl 2
Majin Buu, Piccolo Absorbed lvl 3
Majin Buu, Gotenks Absorbed lvl 4
Majin Buu, Gohan Absorbed lvl 5
Red CS Mastery
North Kai Sensei
3 Breakthrough Drill (if Tree of Might is added)
3 Red Tilted Punch
1 HUH???
1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
1 Super Saiyan Effect
1 Dazed
3 Trunks Energy Sphere
2 Cell's Presence
1 Cell's Threatening Position
1 Android #17 Smirks
3 Pikkon's Leg Catch
3 Trunks Swiftly Moving
3 Red Duck
3 Red Power Block
3 Red Counterstrike
3 Majin's Perfect Defense
3 Red Slide
1 Nappa's Energy Aura
1 Frieza's Force Bubble
1 Nappa's Physical Resistence
1 Vegeta's Physical Stance
1 Time is a Warrior's Tool
1 Cell's Defense
1 Majin Buu's Invincibility
3 Super Buu's Absorbtion (as I assume Majin Buu != Super Buu, this is not a Majin Buu named card)
3 Gohan's Kick
1 Cell's Backslap
3 Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack
3 Straining Reversal Move
3 Red Arm Swipe
3 Red Double Strike
3 Red Jump Kick
3 Red Face Slap
3 Red Back Kick
3 Red Power Lift
2 Red Whiplash
3 Red Shattering Leap
3 Red Lifting Kick
Any help would be appreciated.
******** Interesting. CrimsonEyes comes to me for help. Never saw this one coming. LOL C++ code... didn't see that coming either.

Anyway... let's see. You've got it an interesting deck, but what I see is funny is you attempt to stay on your level 1. That initially is odd for me to see, seeing that Buu does have higher levels that can extremely help you. Super Buu Level 2 is ok, and has a decent base, while his power can boost your attacks, but I would take a look at the Buu Saga Level 2. Yeah, I know Fat Buu and Super Buu don't mesh, but in the CCG they do. Let's see... Majin Buu, the Rotund... +2 to physicals... +3 Mastery... +3 Alt DDB2... I think we have something going here ^_^. The level 3 isn't bad either, putting +3 to your physicals and giving you two more cards. But Piccolo Absorbed gives you +3 life and a higher base, so go either way. I don't think you'll get past level 3, but in case you do, choose your level 4 seeing that both can be useful. Your level 5... probably the Gohan Absorbed version.

With that in mind, I would add some cards that help you gain levels. I don't think it can hurt.

Your Sensei Deck... isn't filled. I usually run Tilted Punch in my main deck seeing that anyone good runs a ton of Combat cards. Your Sensei deck can easily pack cards like Red Pressured Attack, Breakthrough Drill, HUH???, A Hero's Heart is Strong, Black Scout Manuever, and even cards like Red Drop if you have nothing else to run. I would fill it up regardless; never know when something comes in handy. Also, Evil Presence Drill is pretty nice if you can get it two work (try comboing it with Gohan's Power Hit).

You only run 1 Non-Combat, which I see as odd. I would run the staple non-combats in your deck; Expectant Trunks, Where There's Life There's Hope, Fatherly Advice, Victorious Drill, and if you have it, Champion Drill. Since you are a villian, I think Frieza is Ready can be a great asset. Foreboding Evidence can't hurt either.

Combats... I see you forgot to type Android 18's Stare Down, lol. I run The Power of the Dragon for the sheer ability to stall DB drastically, and with that I would run one ally to go with that. Majin Vegeta 1 WGS seems like a nice option as he has built in anti-ally. He does get discarded, but since physical beatdown needs the anti-ally, I don't see why he couldn't hurt. Try him out first; you do have 2 CP which might actually be enough.

I think that's a bit much on the physical blocks. If you add in Goku's Quick Dodge or maybe even Goku's Flight, I bet you could take out 6 physcial blocks for the price of adding 3. Powering up to full can be better than VPS or NPR, or at least I think so. I just think 23 physical blocks is way overdoing it. Many of them will do nothing if you run into energy decks that are still running amok. It is about 30% of the deck (78 cards); remember you won't be seeing random Backlash in standard so a couple well placed physical blocks can be enough.

As for your energy blocks, I don't know if it just me but I think a Goku's Energy Absorption, Red Energy Shield, or even Red Escape (I just like this card, dunno why) can help. Only you know if you have enough energy defense; maybe a couple could help solidify your defense if your opponent enters with Vegeta's Jolting Slash and pummels you with energies.

Hmmm... Super Buu's Absorption... yeah, it isn't a Majin Buu Named card... well, interesting. I've never seen this card played except once, and that was in a Fusion deck just in case the ally desired was played by an opponent. I just don't see this card being all that useful; honestly, a nice Red Lightning Slash hitting is good enough for me. Straining Reversal Move isn't needed since I think level gaining should be one of your goals. I've taken out all my Red Jump Kicks and threw in Red Mouth Cannon in my decks. I just would much rather be able to guarantee a level down. That's just my playstyle; you can run a couple of each. I would also take out Red Power Lift seeing that a) you do have a ton of physical defense and b) it is now kinda weak. Since you are a Majin, you might want to consider some colorless Majin cards that can punish your opponent, like Majin Knee Strike (2-3) and Majin Overwhelming Attack(2-3). Majin Buu's Childish Taunt seems like a good card to throw in here as well. Gohan's Power Hit (3), Red Lightning Slash (2), Red Power Rush (maybe, 3), and Majin Buu's Fury (4) seem like cards that I would add. Red Lifting Kick can always be cut for room if necessary.

I also see you don't run Energies. I think that you should run Red Energy Blast or Red Vigor Orb. I always run a "tech" card that has instant removal in every one of my decks. There will be that annoying Drill or non-combat that will drive you crazy, and you'll wish you had something to remove it.

City in Turmoil is a great card to shutdown DB, and coupled with Gohan's Kicks and Majin Buu's Fury I think you might pull it off. Tree of Might will more or less help the DB deck get their drills out faster. If you pull Breakthrough Drill, they can go West Kai or Don't You Just Hate That or Caught Off Guard Drill your Breakthrough Drill. Pulling that COGD will come from your Tree of Might, and then your opponent will go pulling every drill known to man kind. Or something like that. Also, one or two Stupid Tricks might be quite helpful just in case. As for anger, Red Mouth Cannon + maybe Red Jump Kick + CTP is good. You can even throw in Winter Countryside since leveling is not vital to the deck (but quite helpful).

And with that... I think I hit everything. Good luck with this. This is nicely built, and I know it can go far. Thin up on the physical blocks and change some of the attacks. It will help you have some room for some more tech to defeat many of the major archtypes out there.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan