Subject: Re: isn't earth's spirit bomb a worthless ultra

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From: Logand468
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 19:34:40 EST

Thanks for answering my questions about sphere, because i was about to
take it out.
You showed me the light about that one. Anyways I think spirit bomb shouldn't
even be a ultra rare. Even though it could do +70 or over discards, with all
the non-combat hate around mostly for drills but still the help of earth and
energy gatherings won't last long.
I found a counter to a ultra rare in a silly common in my card board box. Android 18's iron defence is the strange card. I have made a ally deck for my
friend and another said you should run the ESB. I was flabbergasted at the
words coming from him.
So am I a lone wolf who thinks the card sucks should be a common and isn't
worth playing because a crappy card like android 18's iron defence owns it?

First off... you are wrong. Android 18's Iron Defense does absolutely nothing to Earth's Spirit Bomb. Second off, no one even plays A18's Iron Defense the last time I checked. Third off, if you were scared of it, you could just not play a physical attack before you Earth's Spirit Bomb. Fourth off, while yes there is a ton of non-combat hate, you can easily set up Spirit Bomb with just one of the 3 cards on the table (actually, you could do it with none) and Spirit Bomb your opponent that combat. Also note that while your opponent doesn't want you to Spirit Bomb them, allies hurt too.

Android 18's Iron Defense is a piece of junk as far as I'm concerned. There are just better physical blocks out there. I'm sure you can find some use for it, but I'd much rather run Pikkon's Leg Catch because more often than not being able to go to full and regenerate 3 cards will help more than your opponent maybe playing cards that discard from your life deck. Read Earth's Spirit Bomb again. The card says "removes from the game the top card." It doesn't say "discard." Thus, Iron Defense does absolutely nothing. Recoome's Vogue Drill stops Spirit Bomb, but as you said yourself, there's a ton of Drill hate. It won't be around for long, even if someone runs it. Not any ally deck can run Earth's Spirit Bomb. You have to fine tune it and craft it so that the The Help of Earth/Energy Gatherings don't stray too much from your main goal of a breakthrough combat in which you ally your opponent to death. Earth's Spirit Bomb should be a bonus card that KOs your opponent if you ever get all the cards out to work it. The best way to do it is Z Warriors Gather, then Yajirobe/Oolong/Energy Lob the 3 nons out, and Gathering of Heroes/A Burst of Energy/Senzu Effect everyone to full and go for the kill. Remember you can easily have the nons sitting on the table, and it isn't really that easy to get rid of everything consistently. Note that if someone gets a good Spirit Bomb off they normally win. Think of it as a instant win card.

If you want a worthless Ultra Rare go find Chaiotzu's Physical Defense. Or Majin Vegeta 1. Or The Hero is Down. Or Gotenks 3/Vegito 2. They aren't worthy of being a UR as far as I'm concerned. Earth's Spirit Bomb might not be, but as far as I'm concerned, it is compared to those other choices and many other ones out there.

A card doesn't have to be almighty and powerful and in all decks to be an Ultra Rare. Earth's Spirit Bomb is very very powerful. Of course, you have to use it right.

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