Subject: Re: I've been out of the loop, mind reviewing a Orange

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From: Brett Hillmann
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 23:51:37 -0800

Okay, I had to take a hiatus (break for all you non-college people)
from DBZ due to my grades falling. After managing to bump it back up, I
pull out my Orange Chapuchai deck and discover that I've missed a lot.
This deck used to run well in casual play (that's all this area sees),
but now I think I don't stand a chance.

Orange Style Mastery (WGS)

Chapuchai 1-3


Non Combat/ Dragon Ball
Alt. Dende Ball #2 - Good.
Alt Dende Ball #7 - I guess it can work.
Android Attack Drill x2 - Keep in mind you aren't an Android. Expectant Trunks - Awesome. Gokuís Heart Disease - Should help. Krillins Drill x2 - Nah. Orange Destruction Drill - Just wrong. Orange Focusing Drill x2 - Only 2? Orange Joint Restraint Drill x3 - Hmm... 3 might be overdoing it. Vegetaís Quickness Drill - Good. Devastation Drill x2 - Problem is you kinda have to only have this out, and remember if Focusing Drill leaves, so does this.

Battle Pausing - Good
TIAWT - Staple
Super Saiyan Effect - Staple
Trunks Energy Sphere x3 - Staple
Aura Clash - Sure, maybe more

Missing those Confrontations, Power of the Dragon, Dazed, and so forth.

Physical Attacks
Chapuchaiís Multi Form x4 - The only thing going for this guy. Orange Aggressive Technique x2 - Last time I checked this was a physical deck. Orange Car Push x3 - Sure. Orange Flight x3 - I guess. Gohanís Kick x2 - Need 3. Orange Light Jab x2 - Not impressive. Orange Chin Break x3 - Not impressive. Orange Flying Drop Kick x2 - Not impressive.

Physical Blocks
Vegetaís Physical Stance - Outdated due to Kick.
Nappaís Physical Resistance - Outdated due to Kick.
Orange Fist Catch x2 - Three.
Orange Holding After Takedown x3 - Take this out.
Orange Wrist Flex Takedown x3 - Take this out too.
Goku's Swiftly Moving - This stops energies...

Try some Pikkon's Leg Catch or Goku's Quick Dodge or something like that. Trunks Swiftly Moving too.

Energy Attacks
KHSB x3 - There's no need for this card.
Orange Focused Blast x3 - What...
Orange Splitting Headache x2 - Um... no...

Energy Blocks
Nappaís Energy Aura - Good
Orange Energy Catch x3 - Dunno... you do know you can run colorless energy blocks like Energy Ricochet and it is fine? Orange Energy Guard x3 Trunks Swiftly Moving - Physical block

As you see, no Sensei deck. Seeing as I have no idea about what to run.

The whole point of this deck is to set up nicely with a couple of
drills. Then start a combat. Lead with Chapuchai's Multi-Form. Even
though it can't be modified, it can either force people to waste a
block(s) or take some life cards of damage. My mastery kicks in at this
point, tacking on more cards of damage for every CMF they do not block.
Then I just turn around and smack them with something like Orange
Flight (which will add more power stages/Life cards).

I see that with the onslaught of the Kid Buu saga, This deck probably
gets a couple more powerful orange cards that I can use. So please feel
free to totally mess around with this deck. You can change to MP if you
want, but please keep the Mastery and the multiforms in here.

Thank you
The_Lackey (of pojo's Ezboard)

Well I'm a college guy and I've been taking a break from doing Pojo deck techs... but I thought yours needed a word of advice right now so you can get started. A quick one though.

First off... you are one brave man. Orange Chapuchai. What the heck. Fine, I won't change your Mastery or MP (if change MP Multiforms have to go). But I will leave you with tips.

Remember, Chapuchai's Multiform says no modifiers work with it. That means nothing, no Mastery, no nada. So... what the heck is it good for? Simple. Black Personal Smack. But you are Orange so... Orange Rapid Attack? Sorta, but then you have to remember it matters not if you get up to level 3 because all your levels are bad anyway.

Allies... Bee... what... you aren't Majin Buu, remember that... he's good for one reason, and that's if you are Buu and you don't want to level. You could tech him against Buu anger, but keep in mind that only help against Buu anger. Nothing else.

Most of my other help will be comments above. Have fun. But remember, this deck would be about 20 times better if you had a focus and a better choice for a MP. I don't see the point to this deck except laugh at your opponent while you lose because you are playing as Chapuchai.

For a Sensei, run North Kai and at least 3 Rapid Attacks, HUH???, 2 Black Scouts, some Breakthrough Drill, A Hero's Heart is Strong... and stuff like that...

Good luck, but honest to goodness, this deck is only suited for fun play, and against really bad decks. You've got some staples down, but concept is still missing.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan