From: "Monji Osso"
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 18:32:11 -0400

Hi. I've been reading Pojo for awhile now and I really like your COTD reviews and articles. They've helped me build good decks, and i was hoping you could help me out a bit.

First off, We've both heard all the stories about URs pulled from the Buu saga starter decks. And since the only starter personalities I have from Buu are Majin Vegeta and Piccolo, I've thought about buying a box of Buu starters. Mainly, I want Goku, Gohan (for the sole purpose of his level 4), Buu, plus tradeable personalities. I'll torch Majin Babidi of course. My question is, is getting a box of starters worth it or should I just buy another booster box? I've already gotten one, and the only way I could use another is for all the Broly promos.

Also, I've heard from people at Natonals (my Goku went 3-4, trashed every physical deck but unfortunately faced 4 energy decks) that You can only get EDQ and the 4th UR from booster boxes, and Buu level 5 and Goku, Super Saiyan 3 are only in stater boxes. Is this true?

Also, I'm not exactly asking for deck teching, I'd just like to know whether or not this deck is worth it for Worlds. Should I go ahead and go or save my money and play at my local Fusion Prerealease is all I really want to know.

Main Personality
Goku, the Warrior (CS)
Goku, the Saiyan (CS)
Goku, Earth's Hero (CS)
Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended (MBS)
Goku, the Legendary (BS)

Saiyan Style Mastery (MBS)

North Kai sensei

Sensei deck
Saiyan Headshot
2x Saiyan Pressure Technique
2x Horriffied
Saiyan Duck
Saiyan Chin Kick
2x Straining Counterstrike Move
2x Saiyan Flight
Saiyan Movement
Saiyan Onslaught

3x Saiyan Inspection
3x Face Off
Note: there are my anti-Roshi and anti-Piccolo tech cards

3x Saiyan Gambit
Time is a Warrior's Tool
Trunks Energy Sphere
Saiyan Truce Card
Super Saiyan Effect

Physical Combat
3x Saiyan Left Kick
3x Saiyan Prepared Smash
Saiyan Hurricane Kick
2x Saiyan Light Jab
3x Body Slam
Saiyan Power Block
Saiyan Power Kick
3x Saiyan Face Smash
2x Saiyan Left Punch
2x Saiyan Pride
2x Goku's Physical Attack
Saiyan Snap Kick
4x Goku's Power Strike
3x Saiyan Cross Punch
3x Saiyan Flying Kick
Saiyan Face Stomp
Saiyan Chin Kick
Saiyan Destiny
Saiyan Escape
Saiyan Power Rush
Saiyan Clothesline
3x Saiyan Fist Attack
2x Saiyan Direct Strike
3x Saiyan Triple Kick
2x Trunks Swiftly Moving
2x Saiyan Hand Swipe
Saiyan Surprise
Vegeta's Physical Stance
2x Saiyan Blocking Technique
Saiyan Heads Up

Energy Combat
Frieza's Force Bubble
Nappa's Energy Aura
3x Saiyan Planet Explosion
2x Saiyan Power Beam
3x Saiyan Triple Blast
2x Saiyan Might

If you respond to this, e-mail the response to because the e-mail addy I'm using now is not always availiable to me.


Thank you. I'm really glad you enjoy them. Hard to believe anyone would read stuff by silly ol me... lol.

I'm not going to do a major deck tech... but I will give you a few pointers.

If you look at a starter box vs a booster box... here's your argument.

Starter box:
-guaranteed all 10 characters.
-will probably get some Gotenks, only way to
-has foil and rare in each starter, similar to getting 10 packs -has possibility getting a UR (try the Dabura starter)

Booster box:
-will probably get some Broly promos, only way to
-will probably get most, if not, all rares
-can get foils
-has possibility getting a UR (not a great one, but you know)

You can go either way. Do you need rares or need characters? I personally buy a box of starters and 1-2 of the boosters. What I would recommend is getting a few of your friends and split the cost. Predetermine who wants which of the 10 characters, and that person takes that character, cost divided up. That's the best way to decide who gets which ones, especially ones desired. Then you can do the same for boosters.

You don't get the level 4 with the 1-3, hope you know that.

That statement about URs is not true at all. Any URs you can pull in a starter or booster. BTW... the 4th UR, Master Roshi Sensei, it the best one of the 4, hands down.

I would go to Worlds hands down. If I had to give up 8 URs to go to Worlds, I would. Tourneys like Worlds and Regionals stay in your mind forever, and you'll never forget the experience. I will be there myself; you can find me and I can give you some pointers and tech your deck and whatnot. In my opinion, going to another premier event is priceless. I personally don't care that I'm spending like $1000; I'm going, and that's ^_^.

Fusion Prerelease... I would play in that as well. Lucky you get one though.

Now... the quick look at the deck.

It is Goku the Hero, not Warrior.
You need three Trunks Energy Sphere. Best card in the game.
You need three Confrontation. One of the top 5 cards in the game. You need 3 Saiyan Destiny, 3 Saiyan Power Block (probably)... uh... you are missing a handful of the staples. What I would recommend is maxing out on the best Saiyan has to offer. You are missing out on a lot of the really good cards. Some of the cards you run I would take out for sure.

This deck, in my opinion, will not make not make top 100. You've nailed some of the good cards, but are missing a lot of the others. Work on this. You are missing on many of the basics. With those added, it will do much better.

I would still go to Worlds. Find me and I can tech it in person. Hopefully you'll have the cards on you so you can add them (like three Gohan's Kick). Good luck.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan