From: Elfwarrior8888
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 17:39:36 EDT

My deck's goal is using cards like Combo and Whiplash to follow up with a
chain of attacks in a single combat. I built a 50 card deck to optimize this as
well as putting in floating effect blocks like Nappa's Energy Aura, TIAWT, and
Vegeta's Physical Stance. And with Cell Saga Saiyan Mastery and Goku The
Legendary, I use Goku's Farewell to kick off the combo. The combo doesn't seem to
kick off a lot, however. I was wondering if you could suggest a deckbuild and
cards you think could help. Here's a list of the key cards I use:

- 4 Goku's Farewell
- Goku levels 1-5 (I'm thinking I should use lvl 1 Cell Saga Goku for his
card draw ability)
- 4 Goku's Physical Attack
- 3 Gohan's Kick
- 1 Vegeta's Physical Stance
- 1 Nappa's Physical Resitance
- 1 Super Saiyan Effect
- 3 Goku's Beserk
- 3 Combo
- 1 Cell's Backslap
- 3 Whiplash
- 3 Trunks energy Sphere (to prevent Aura Clash mainly)

Thanks for your help.


This deck used to be around. It was called infinite Goku. It was killed off via a recent errata, and all attempts to bring it back have failed due to the lack of Champion Aura.

Trunks Energy Sphere should be in every deck hands down. It should not be there to stop Aura Clash mainly. It should be there to stop everything, from the staple Confrontation/Android 18's Stare Down to Time is A Warrior's Tool to Aura Clash.

I would go with Goku, Super Saiyan Level 3 over the Legendary. This is because you can set it up so that SS3 chooses the levels of CS 1 and CS HT 3 to get an additional 2 cards to add to the 3 card hand, 1 card from last turn, and 2 card Mastery (Saiyan CS). That's not to mention the choice of Goku 4 WGS as one of your choices so you can pull out Champion Drill and Vegeta's Quickness Drill to get even more cards...

Saiyan Truce Card is also one of the best cards Saiyan has. That by itself with all your amazing card drawing can give you over a 10 card hand easy.

Goku's Physical Attack is limit 2 per deck. Try some Goku's Training and Reserves (maybe).

I would try running Bardock as an ally (maybe South Kai for him) and Heroic Double Team. This will allow you to cycle through two more cards via Bardock's power and the Double Team. Just a thought.

Pure Defense, while a DB card mainly, will fit nicely in this deck.

Make sure you abuse the cards that were in the deck before, like Krillin's Search, Saiyan Headshot, and Trunks Thinking.

Good luck. Problem with this is the deck is no where as good as it used to be. It was pure broken before; now it is a possible archtype that doesn't work a lot (more like Tuff Enuff only, too risky to play in Standard).

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan