From: KGTW1035
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 11:11:02 EDT

I haven't tried the is deck out yet. I'll have few opportunities before
Worlds to playtest. With this deck I will try to win with an ally beatdown. The
Backlash is a secondary way of winning. I think I might need more allies.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

No T/W
3 MP:
Roshi 1-3 CCPP
1 Sensei:
North Kai or West Kai I'm not sure
Sensei deck:
x3 Black Pivot Kick
x3 Breakthrough Drill
x1 HUH???
3 Locations:
x3 Winter Country Side
15 Non-combats:
x3 Z Warriors Gather
x2 Saiyan Inspection
x1 Senzu Effect
x1 Blue Holding Drill
x1 Blue Mental Drill
x1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
x1 Expectant Trunks
x2 Caught Off Guard Drill
x1 Fatherly Advice
13 Combats:
x3 Black Scout Maneuver
x3 TES
x1 Battle Pausing
x1 Power of the Dragon
x1 Land in Pain
x1 Drill's Are For The Weak
x2 Confrontation
17 Physical Combats:
x3 Gohan's Kick
x3 Cosmic Backlash
x3 Black Physical Focus
x2 Earth Dragon Ball Capture
x3 Saiyan Power Block
x3 Blue Wrist Block
20 Energy Combat:
x3 Black Turning Kick this could be used as physical defense
x3 Blue Draining Blast
x3 Krillin's Solar Flare
x3 Black Knife Hand Strike this could be used as energy defense
x3 Saiyan Hand Swipe
x3 Red Energy Shield
x1 Nappa's Energy Aura
x1 Goku's Energy Absorption
13 Alllies:
x1Gohan level one WGS
x1 Goku level one SS
x1 Chiaotzu level one SS
x1 Yamcha, the Friend level one CS
x1 Kid Trunks level one WGS
x1 Oolong level one
x1 Maraikoh, the Vicious level one
x1 Vegeta, the Powerful level one CS
x1 Tien, the Swft level one
x1 Krillin, the Friend level one CS
x1Torbie, the Silent level one WGS
x1 Nail, the Namekian level one FS
x1 Piccolo, the Avenger level one TS

Total: 85


Your deck should be on the bottom of the stack but it just caught my eye. Copycat.

LOL. Anyway... this is what I play. Roshi Ally/Backlash. Hence... I might be teching this deck a lot to be a lot like mine. Since you will be going to Worlds, try and find me (match the card on the site, find my sister who will be dressed as Videl, find a Roshi ally/backlash deck, find rolling backpacks full of cards... anything). I'll show you how mine works.

Hmmm... 13 allies. I run 18. Used to be 19. Heck, it used to be 23. Try out defensive allies. They OWN. Well at least I think they do. They allow me to go thinner on the blocks and have room for other stuff. That and Bardock OWNS as an ally. He's a Blue Mental Drill, so you can easily place your attacks and Combats through your opponent's defense. You can even try this out... set your deck with Roshi, and then use Bardock's other ability... and draw what you want from those 10 (when attacking of course). It works wonders.

Energy Defense - cut Saiyan Hand Swipe. Red Energy Shield = Uber good, but there's no room. Goku's Running Defense and Frieza's Force Bubble need to be in there. Try out some of the Energy Combat omni-blocks because they will help you against Backlash.

Turning Kick is great, but the one anger and the fact that it generally will drain for only two weakens it. Use Blue Arm Blast if you want this card. I'd just rather run an omni-block if I want the Backlash tech. Group Attack is just wrong if used at the right time. Try it.

Physical wise you should run Blue Defensive Flight as your physical defense and nothing else. Your allies should be that block you need. The few omni-defense you have should help against Backlash.

3 Confrontations, always. You also need Super Saiyan Effect. Namekian Friendship owns in this kind of deck. Saiyan Truce Card is just wrong.

Cut Senzu Effect, we don't want to be going to full. If you want something like that, Gathering of Heroes is better. It is pretty funny... your non combats are very similar to mine...

Whatever you do, don't run West Kai. I lost my bid to top 4 at LA Regionals using him. If I had North Kai, I'd have a top 4 on my record. Why? Backlash. I entered, random Backlash, he drew no blocks. Mastery. Blue CS. Hence, if I had North Kaied him, I would of won. Now I would run Roshi Sensei. But since that's like really hard to get, run North. That and finish that Sensei deck. I ran out of room making my Sensei deck work.

I'm not going to tell you everything or you'd have an exact copy of my deck. Literally. It is not bad. I've actually gotten a few ideas as well. I'm also strange and don't run Vegeta's Quickness Drill, not like it is bad though. Now I think I'm going to run Gohan's Kick after all. Don't flame me. I just didn't think it was necessary. That and I don't have it in foil. My deck is foil, just so you understand that.

Good luck. You have a few glaring tweaks I would do. There are some obvious choices you are missing. Take a look around at every style and you'll notice that there are some nasty cards you can run. At Worlds, find me and I'll show you my version. I've worked on mine for almost two years now. Seeing that you've never playtested, that's quite amazing. Many of the cards you have in there too me a long time to get in. With a lot of testing, you can make the deck better. You might even give me some really good ideas.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan