Subject: Re: Videl Deck Improvments - Pojo Book Email ^_^

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From: "Brandon Gallagher"
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 23:19:34 +0000

Hello I recently built your all common Videl deck and quite frankly its
awesome......but the real reason I am emailing you is in the Pojo's guid you
said you would give tips on how to make it better and I would like to know
what you hade in mind. The only real improvement I see is to run stupid
tricks instead of Goahn Meditates......... Well I thank you for the great
deck and hope you can give me some tips.

Brandon Gallagher


Oh my gosh I got someone to reply. ^_^ *does the happy dance*

Sorry for not replying sooner; I just got back from Worlds two days ago.

Anyway... let's see... *gets out Pojo book*

Well, there are a lot of changes you can do with this deck. First off, I assume you want to add promos, Ultra Rares, Rares, and Uber Rares to the deck since now you have no limitations. Second off, with this in mind, this deck will not win a big event like a Regional or Worlds, but it might be able to win a normal Store Tournament. This is because standing up to Piccolo or Roshi (for this last weekend) just won't happen. And third off, two sets have been released since then (well, Fusion will be in a couple days and I have a few ideas), so of course we gotta add some other neat cards. And lastly, I won't take apart the heart of the deck, and that's making it be a Videl Colorless Physical Beats deck. So no, still no Mastery.

Anyway... here we go!

Gohan Meditates for Stupid Tricks is a very smart move. Of course you know that I couldn't of done that since I wasn't allowed to. When I first make a deck, I always throw in my normal staples. Forgive me if I miss one, but here's a list. 1x Time is A Warrior's Tool 3x Trunks Energy Sphere 3x Confrontation (hero) / 3x Android 18's Stare Down (villian) 1x Super Saiyan Effect 1x Nappa's Energy Aura 1x Power of the Dragon 1x HUH??? (Sensei Deck only) 1x Battle Pausing (most of the time) At least one Dragon Ball (usually EDB7, not always) 1x Cell's Threatening Postion (villian) 1x Goku's Running Defense (hero) 1x Frieza is Ready (villian, most of the time) 1x Where There's Life There's Hope (Ultra Rare) 1x Fatherly Advice (Ultra Rare) 1x Victorious Drill (Uber Rare, most of the time) 1x Champion Drill (Uber Rare) 1x Cell's Presence (Ultra Rare, most of the time) 1-3x Gohan's Kick (depending on the deck) 1x Expectant Trunks 1x Frieza's Force Bubble (more or less a Straining Focusing Move without damage)

Those can go in. Also keep in mind that Cosmic Backlash is no longer a problem in Standard, so Blue Arm Blast might come out. Krillin's Solar Flare no long is as strong as it used to be.

With Buu Saga out, Alternate Dende Dragon Ball 2 is an amazing choice. Alternate DDB3 is really annoying, and Alternate 4 can help a ton. You might want to add a Dende ball set with some alts and some regulars since you can.

If you want some quick anger, Underwater Kick spells Videl all over. It is a new Buu card.

And of course, by all means you need to run a Sensei. I would probably go with North Kai Sensei because of the large Sensei room, and with the ability to shut off a Mastery, you can work wonders. Remember to fill that Sensei deck with neat cards like Black Pivot Kick and Black Front Punch. There are a lot of good cards out there; don't miss them.

Also, running a few more allies might be an idea. Ones with big physicals or high power levels would work nicely, seeing Videl's power level is a bit weak. Ones that come to mind are Super Saiyan Trunks (Movie 7 insert), Goten Level 1 (Buu Saga), Chi-Chi Level 1 (World Games promo), and Super Saiyan Goku (Movie 7 insert). The added support they can give should help a lot. Even a Black Physical Focus or two might help round out the deck. Gathering of Heroes can help pull them out.

A couple combat enders like Saiyan Truce Card can get you out of sticky messes.

You might want to consider Namekian Shield Destruction because of the amazing ability to remove a barrier, not to mention it is a big physical attack otherwise.

Even some Videl cards might be an idea. Videl's Battle Ready is a big and nasty card that can have villians crying.

Anyway... I'm fresh of out random thoughts, even though I bet I could go on forever and ever... well, maybe. Try some of those out and see what you come up with. Oh, and if you win any tourneys with it, dedicate them to me ^_^. Just kidding. But I'd like to hear what you come up with and how this deck does.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan