From: SaiyanKarat]
Sent: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 8:25 AM
Subject: Goku's Saiyan Beatdown Buu Saga

I am planning on making a Goku beatdown deck with the personalities from the Buu saga. I need help on what all I should use. I know I will be running 3x Saiyan Pressure Technique's in my sensei but I need some ideas on what drills I should use to make my saiyan style attacks be super strong. I am going to be running the Buu saga saiyan style mastery to give my goku instense power. I will also be using Saiyan Power Stance and Saiyan Truce Card. All I really need to know is what cards are good in a saiyan goku deck.

No Drills. You level too fast.
Saiyan Headshot is a lot better than Pressure Technique. I don't like Pressure Technique much outside of being used with Cross Punch. Base damage is pretty small now.

Use the Cell Saga Mastery to turbo jump levels and gain major card advantage. Also use the Cell Saga HT3. Saiyan Power Stance never was a really good card in my book.

I'm just going to list some random Saiyan cards. That's it. Saiyan Cliff Slam Saiyan Power Beam Saiyan Clothesline Saiyan Inspection Saiyan Charge Saiyan Truce Card Saiyan Wrist Block Saiyan Face Stomp Saiyan Flying Kick Saiyan Planet Explosion Saiyan Strength Blast Saiyan Headshot Saiyan Surprise Saiyan Destiny Saiyan Cross Punch and so forth.

Just some ones I know off the top of my head. There are a lot of good ones out there. The Broly subset has quite a few.

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