Subject: Re: Pikkon's Potential

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From: "Seth Blackburn"
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 18:45:36 -0500

Dear Matthew Low,

I've been working with this deck for quite some time. I came up with the idea to make a deck that messed up other deck strategies. My friends, with whom I play, say that it's the most annoying deck in existance, and hate it whenever their game-winning combos and strategies fall apart. At that I knew I had accomplished what I had set out to do.

My deck doesn't usually pull off tons of attacks every combat. Usually I pull of 2-3 good attacks each combat (mostly energy, as this is an energy-based deck, but with a few good physical attacks mixed in on occasion). At that, I discovered that I could easily mess up long-winded physical and energy beatdown decks by putting a good share of omni-blocks and combat enders/preventers (dream figthing, EDB 6 & 7, teaching the
unteachable...) in the deck. It works like a charm.

Against decks that depend on the discard pile (i.e. Namekian, Red, and Blue via the MBS mastery), I've got the Blue Energy Arrows, A Hero's Heart Is Strong, and the almighty Dying Planet. A Hero's Heart Is Strong and Dying Planet don't hurt me as the only card I use that needs my discard pile is Expectant Trunks, which I most often use before my dual discard pile

Against Ally Decks, I've got World Tournament. I play ally-less, so it does
but help me. I know that they can still have damage redirected to their
allies, but
seeing as how the vast majority of damage I dish out is life cards from
attacks, that doesn't effect me.

Against Drill Decks, I've got Blue Total Resistance and Pikkon's Lv.3 and Lv.4 powers, all of which can get through the new MBS Freestyle Mastery.

Against Anger Decks I've got Blue Happiness (which I wish I had more than one copy of) and It's All about Time as well as a good share of anger lowering that Blue Style is full of.

As a last note, I use the Lv. 1 HT, despite that the secondary effect is useless, because I've found that a good, solid, physical block (even though that's all it does) every combat is much more useful than the not-HT "Physical Attack doing +1 power stage for each card in your hand" in an energy-based deck.

To get out the Battleground I need, the Blue Energy Transformations are a great asset.

This deck has served me very well in Standard and Tuff Enuff, and I'm very proud of it. Well, I seems like I have everything figured out, don't I? So you may wonder why I'm writing in. Well after reading Card Of The Day reviews on Lv.5 "Pikkon, The Prized Fighter" (which I'm dying to get my hands on) and "Dream Fighting" in which it was stated that Pikkon's Personality line wasn't that great and that combat enders like dream fighting were next to useless in Non-DB Victory decks, I just had to get this out.

And I'm not at all saying that my deck is perfect, that would be egotistical and foolish. I welcome and gratefully accept all critiques and suggestions, whatever they may be. I just want it to be known that someone plays an
beatdown deck with plenty of combat enders/preventers with pikkon as the MP...and it is a very successful deck.

"You slacker, while you've been taking it easy, I've been develping a new attack." - Piccolo


-Lv.1 Pikkon (HT)
-Lv.2 Pikkon, the Serious
-Lv.3 Pikkon, the Powerful
-Lv.4 Pikkon, the Hero

-Blue Style Mastery (WGS)

Sensei Deck
-West Kai Sensei
-Blue Energy Dive x3
-Blue Thunder Flash x3
-Blue Heat-Seeking Blast x1

-World Tournament
-Dying Planet

Dragon Balls
-Earth Dragon Ball 6
-Earth Dragon Ball 7

-Blue Mental Drill
-Blue Cradle Drill
-Blue Happiness
-Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation
-Expectant Trunks
-A Hero's Heart Is Strong
-It's All About Time

Physical Combat
-Blue Fire Kick x3
-Blue Round Throw x3
-Blue Stomach Eruption x3
-Blue Back Kick x3
-Blue Right Power Strike x3
-Blue Reflexes x3
-Blue Forearm Block x3
-Blue Evasion x3
-Vegeta's Physical Stance
-Nappa's Physical Resistance

Energy Combat
-Blue Energy Flight x3
-Blue Energy Blast x3
-Blue Energy Trasformation x3
-Blue Thrusted Blast x3
-Blue Draining Blast x3
-Good Advice
-The Luck of Trunks
-Trunks Makes Himself Clear
-Krillian's Heat-Seeking Blast x3
-Blue Sidestep x3
-Blue Sliding Dodge x3 (i only use these because i have nothing better) -Nappa's Energy Aura

-Time Is A Warrior's Tool
-Super Saiyan Effect
-Blue Total Resistance x3
-Strength Training x3
-Dream Fighting x3
-Trunks Energy Sphere x3

Interesting. I'm first going to commend you before I give you suggestions. Please don't flame me... but you and I have very different ideas.

If only I knew you in real life... you'd probably be the new owner of a Pikkon 5. I have two and I'm REALLY REALLY tempted to give one away for free. I mean, back to the original owner, if I can't find someone to take such a bad Ultra Rare away from me. I only need one... Score, why do you have to make a UR of such a terrible character??? I mean, you could of made Gohan or at least someone useful. But Pikkon? Whatever. Stupid URs that are useless. Bleh.

And Blue Happiness.... *reminds self to rip up copies of such a bad card* Why do all the other styles get broke cards from the CCPP while Blue gets the junk?

You have a very wacky style of playing I must admit. I'm going to be honest with you; you might be able to beat your friends, but I honestly don't see this surviving long in the big tourney environment. It is very unpredictable, which can help, but more or less it isn't all that proven to do much of anything outside of messing with your opponent's mind. I do appreciate your explanation since that helps a whole lot in understanding the point of your deck, which is unlike many other people who email me.

Ok... well enough of that. Work on the deck we go...

Your first minor problem is even though this deck is Pikkon anger, your level 1 is bleh. Either way it is. That's the messed up part. Your level 1 power is quite important no matter what you do. Most decks rely on their power, and yours should for at least a little bit.

Your Mastery is interesting. I tried it out before and honestly, it pales in comparison to the CS and MBS Masteries. I would try those two out a bit. I think you can improve your survival much longer with those options; CS also gives inherited anger loss. Try both out and see which of the three work the best for you.

Your Sensei Deck... West Kai is the choice because of Victorious Drill. Now your Sensei cards... ok, while Blue Thunder Flash fits Pikkon, it really isn't that great, unfortunately. Try the level hopping madness card, Blue Quick Blast. One of my friends drew two of these in one hand, was at level 2, allowed his opponent to steal DBs until he had 5, and then Blue Quick Blasted twice to get to level 4. That fast. It was insane, at it was at a Regional too. I believe a Top 16. He didn't win as the other two DBs were topdecked before the last Quick Blast was, but in the end it was quite hilarious. You kinda need HUH??? to deal with DB.

Your Battleground/Location thing is strange, but if it works for you, so be it. I like City in Turmoil myself in anger.

I would honestly run all of the Earth DBs. You get massive card draw and some nice anger gain as well, not to mention another way to win. Try it out. The new Alternate Earth 3 might be a thought.

Blue Cradle Drill doesn't fit. You level = drills go bye bye. Mental Drill is an amazing Drill... so run if you wish to risk it. Blue Happiness is used to combat mainly one deck... but with new level hopping abilities maybe not. A Hero's Heart is Strong is good to use against many decks (but if you run Blue MBS don't run this of course). Always run Expectant Trunks, and if you have them, Fatherly Advice and Where There's Life There's Hope are very nice Ultra/Ubers. Teaching... well, do what you want, I'm not stopping you. Don't see it being of much use.

Your Physical Combat cards for the most part donít impress me. I usually know if it doesnít if the cards donít seem familiar, or they are just really bad commons from old sets. I would run Blue Betrayal x3, Blue Round Throw x3, Pikkonís Leg Catch x4, Blue Fire Kick x3, and maybe Blue Leverage/Blue Evasion. Stance and Resistance are maybes. The othersÖ now I donít know what they all do because Iím too lazy to look them up, but Iím 99% sure it isnít worth my time since Iíve researched them many a time.

Say goodbye half of your energy combats and hello to ones that will make your deck anger about twice as fast. Take a look at Blue Stance and Blue Energy Outburst. Sweet cards? Blue Longshot. Broke. Captain Ginyuís Energy Attack. Nice. Donít forget the all important new cards Blue Energy Guard and Blue Weaving (I know, wrong place). Blue Stopping Technique, Energy Ricochet, Gokuís Energy Absorption, and Gokuís Running Defense will be your new blocks to take place Blue Sliding Dodge and Blue Sidestep. Draining Blast is for ally decks, and Luck of Trunks doesnít fit. Blue Energy Blast I can see use to get rid of attached cards, but I donít think youíll need three. Krillinís Heat Seeking Blast has only one purpose, and thatís to steal a DB in this deck. I mean, for the most part. If you switch Masteries, this should go. The Luck of Trunks is also way outdated.

CombatsÖ you donít run nearly as much as I would assume. Iíd get rid of some of the Blue Defensive Effects; three seems overdoing it. Donít forget your Confrontations, and ditch the Strength Trainings. There are a lot of staples that need to go in, and with this deck, there are a lot of cards that are great that seem to be missing. Now as for Dream FightingÖ I donít see it. I can see you using it to end combat if you get caught in a bad one, but thatís what EDB6 and 7 are for. Blue Leaving would be a better choice in my opinion. There shouldnít be too many bad combats when you actually have the card in your hand. Anger decks need to stay in combat to jump levels, thatís all.

Good luck with this. A very strange deck, but if you like it, use it. Blue anger has always been one of the decks Iíve wanted to build, but honestly, I see characters like Vegeta or Goku being better choices. Good luck and may you get a Pikkon 5 soon!

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan