Subject: Re: Cell deck + question`s

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From: JY
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 06:09:07 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Matthew Low,

I am starting to make a cell/saiyan deck. so far this is how it looks:

Cell deck

cell cs 1-5 - HT 1, CS 2-5, HT 3 is possible.

saiyan bs - You mean MBS. (Majin Buu Saga, aka Buu) BS = Babidi Saga

west kai wg - I would run North Kai, or even South if you want to go Cell Jr.

combat cards
x2 somkescreen - terrible
x1 saiyan gambit - nah
x1 time is a warriors tool - of course

x1 saiyan enraged - nah
x1 bulma`s looking good - nah
x1 the untroubled mind is focused - nope
x1 alt. dende dragonball #2 - sure
x1 saiyan inspection - sure
x1 expectant trunk`s - of course
x1 frieza is ready - of course

energy combat attacks
x2 sayian suspended blast - bleh
x1 saiyan power beam - nice
x3 goku escapes - bleh
x1 saiyan strength blast - sure
x1 sayian ki ball - sure
x1 goku`s swiftly moving - if you wish
x3 saiyan triple blast - maybe

energy combat blocks
x3 saiyan energy deflection - maybe

physical combat
x1 hercule`s drop kick - I dunno
x2 saiyan hurricane kick - I dunno
x1 goku`s flight - nah
x1 saiyan left kick - nope
x1 cell`s backslap - maybe
x1 saiyan face stomp - maybe
x1 trunk`s draws steel - nah
x2 saiyan light jab - what does this do again? *checks* Heck no, bad card. x3 saiyan prepared smash - maybe x3 saiyan direct strike - maybe x1 saiyan power rush - nah x1 saiyan neck breaker - maybe

physical combat blocks
x3 saiyan movement - nope
x3 saiyan defensive sphere - nope
x3 saiyan hand swipe - maybe
x2 saiyan knee block - IR or Cell Games UC? IR maybe, UC heck no x1 vegeta`s physical stance - maybe x3 saiyan power block - yep x1 gohan`s fore-arm block - you could... x1 saiyan blocking technique - if you have nothing else x1 sayin push - I guess

Next, What do you think is wrong with it? I know that I need trunks energy sphere, But no one has it and the best people at my local store don`t even have it or run it. Yet, I would like you to explain how great it is. I don`t get it at all. I run like only 5 combat cards. Also isn`t it sometimes deadweight in a hand? I know that it`s good and this is the stupidest question yet, yet I`d greatly appreciate an answer to it. Thanks.

>> Ahh... the merits of Trunks Energy Sphere. Honestly, if we did a COTD
>> on it (well, if I did one) I could go on for a really long time. I'm just going to explain quickly what it does.
The best cards in the game are Combat cards, hands down. Many of them have the ability to change the game drastically. For example: Aura Clash, Cell Games. Both characters generally gain a level. So... big deal right? It actually is. Both characters change their personality level, which is helpful to certain characters, like Cell, but ruins other characters, like Roshi. Certain powers are just plain better. And then there's the thing about Drills. You lose your drills when you level, so if you see your opponent is overwhelming you with Drills, one Aura Clash is a new reset button. BUT... let's say I have Trunks Energy Sphere. Goodbye chance to discard my drills and ruin my power. Opponent have Confrontation/Android 18's Stare Down (goes in EVERY deck, pretty much)? Mess their plans with a TES. Opponent wish to Black Scout Maneuver all your Cosmic Backlahes? Uh, no, Trunks Energy Sphere. Your opponent playing keep away with Combat enders like Dream Fighting and Blue Leaving? Trunks Energy Sphere. Pure Defense my Gohan's Kick? No, Trunks Energy Sphere. Cell's Presence? TES. A17 Smirks? TES. TES? TES. And so forth. Your question isn't the stupidest question yet; I've seen much worse. They way you asked it was very nice, unlike other people. Yes, it can be deadweight in your hand. But... that's only against either a) really bad people or b) bad hands from your opponent. Either way it is win win for you. Combat cards are the best in the game, and most good people run anywhere from 10-20 or more. All of my decks start with Time is A Warrior's Tool, 3 Trunks Energy Sphere, 3 Confrontation/Android 18's Stare Down, 1 Super Saiyan Effect, 1 Power of the Dragon, and 1 Battle Pausing. That's 10, and that's not including ones like Cell's Threatening Position. Trunks Energy Sphere is the only "block" for Combat cards. Think of it this way. If there was only one card that could stop physical attacks, would you run three copies of it, and make your deck filled with really good physical attacks? I know I would. Seeing TES is the only card that directly cancels Combat cards, I know I will run three just so I can use them on the most important Combat cards my opponent has in store for me. And if the best people at your store don't run the card or don't have it (buy some Trunks Reforged), then... they must be either really bad at the CCG or something... <<

Another question wich has been buggin me is the new buu saga mastery. As you could see, the deck is about half energy, so this clashes a lot. Do my energy attacks cost 2 power stages, and then i gain 3 after because it`s a secondary effect? So does that mean that it happens after? Or do I gain the possible stages I could at the beginning of the attack, and then after it gain it? Thanks on this one to.

>> You must pay the two stages and then gain the three. So if you are at
>> zero, you can't play energies.

I also, have another question about my deck, I know I should get the high tech cell level one yet, no-one has it at my local store. It is in the redemtion saga last time I checked. Is redemtion the promo`s of the trunks saga cause then then the cell saga came out after.

>> Yes, the Cell 1 HT is plain broke and any Cell deck except one that
>> doesn't declare a TW needs it. The redemption was for Trunks Saga
>> wrappers and ended over a year and a half ago. It isn't a saga; we
>> sent Trunks Saga wrappers in (50) and got a full set. Cell was one of
>> them. This was during the release of Cell Saga. If people didn't have
>> that many wrappers at that time or didn't play, don't expect them to
>> ever get the card. It is very hard to get these days, and I often
>> value it at the price of a good Ultra Rare easy. The only way to
>> really get it is Ebay or trade or something like that.

Are trunks saga packs out of print? I can`t find them anywere or the starters as well as the hero starter decks of cell saga yet I could find the villians.

>> No. I believe Score reprinted it. I would just go on the internet and
>> find a place that can order it for you. There are a lot of them all
>> over; try some of Pojo's sponsors. I bet at least one of them has it.
>> The sponsors are there for a reason; to help you get all the cards
>> you need to build the killer deck. Same goes with Hero starters.
>> Consider buying a box with your friends and splitting the cost.

I plan to get more better phiysical or energy blocks in my deck cause I know that the physical`s are really horrible. Like they are if your opponent declared a black toku-wazi, etc. etc.. Yet I know that some of the cards from fusion will help my deck.

>> Well, for Saiyan you have Saiyan Power Block, Saiyan Wrist Block,
>> Saiyan Lightning Dodge, Saiyan Blocking Technique... but you can't
>> forget Pikkon's Leg Catch and the new Goku's Quick Dodge. I think
>> there's more but I don't feel like taking a detour to
>> at the moment.

Are cell jr.`s still playable with cell? I mean, I never get to 1 above 0 or to 0 cause I gain 3 stages per attack and also energy seems to be quite popular in my current-metagame.

>> Yes they are. But in your deck not really. Then again yes. You know
>> that you can gain the stages with one of your Cell Jrs when you
>> perform an attack right? That means you play an energy and your ally
>> gains the stages, allowing you to drain. But the problem is Saiyan
>> doesn't drain easily. Blue, Orange, Black, Namekian in a sense, and
>> maybe Red are much better options. I should know, I play ally.
>> Honestly I just play nonTW and get all the options.

As you saw I am currently running no drills in my deck. I do this cause I level up too fast.
what do you think?

>> Very smart idea. I would consider still running Victorious Drill if
>> you have it, since it comes out at the beginning of the game.

I also, have power of the dragon, yet it is currently in my binder. Not a lot of people run dragonballs except for at least 2 people. and someone else only needs 1 more dragonball and will put it in their deck to have a complete earth set. I currently have a complete alt. dende dragonball set. The easiest to get in my personal opinion. i would run it if I could use an ally yet mine suck right now and I don`t want to run 18 as an ally.

>> That's pretty sad. No one has a complete Earth set? Dende set? I've
>> probably got a few... I remember back in the day when it was near impossible, but now... pretty simple. If the people you play with don't run DBs, don't run Power of the Dragon. But if you want to go to a real tournament like a Regional, leave it in. DB is running all over. You can keep it in just in case someone new comes or to at least pull an ally (I run a few just in case).
You know you can mix the Alt Dende balls with the regular ones right? Android 18 is a great ally when used right. In your deck, add one or two or so Cell Jrs or Android 14. They can be helpful, even just to take stages. <<

If I use cell junior`s I will definately use this card due to the fact that it`s a combat and no-one at the store run`s trunk`s energy sphere.

>> Yep. And then you'd run South Kai so you can start the "Cell Jr
>> Chain" in which you get all of them out in three turns.

I recently traded away my earth dragonball 7. Do you think that I should get it back with a trade? Also, If you play it during combat do you still get the effect`s like lower all opponent`s anger by 2 level`s? And does it come in to play or does it just go to the discards? Thanks a lot. \\\\

>> Earth Dragon Ball 7 is the best DB in the game. I would run it in
>> every deck that doesn't run DBs; either that or Namek DB4. If you
>> play it during Combat, you end combat, place three cards from your
>> discard on the top of your deck, and lower your opponent's anger 2.
>> And of course it comes into play silly; DBs can't go to the discard.

Sincerely, Rich wood

>> Ok, what I'm going to do with your deck is put comments next to the
>> cards. It is easier when I'm working with a deck that needs a lot of
>> work. Refer to some other decks I've teched to learn about staples
>> that fit in all decks, etc. Good luck! You've got quite a bit to go
>> to make this a great deck; do some research on on some
>> good Saiyan cards. There are a lot out there, especially look at the
>> Broly subset and cards like Saiyan Destiny and Cross Punch.

"You will not be allowed to do this to anyone else!" - Gohan