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From: wilson marsh

Date:  Thu, 29 Jul 2004 12:53:28 -0700 (PDT)



hey matt. my name is wilson marsh. I have been into DBZ for about a year and heard of you about 3 weeks ago. there is only 1 person I know in my (small) town that collects the cards but he doesnt know how to play. so I dont get much practice. well anyways I was wondering if you could rate my deck (from 1-10).


>> No one plays DBZ where I'm from and I still manage to play. My sister and I are generally the only people who play where I'm from, and that's if I'm at home, not at school. I only play her to help her learn her deck right before an event. Thus, I generally get to play DBZ something like 6-10 times a year, with most of those being big tournaments like Regionals and Worlds.



I know my deck is crazy so dont worry about being to harsh. my strategy is to get my allies out, suck my opponents life cards down, and get rid of some of his allies and non-combats in play. well here it is.


>> Yeah your deck is. I'm still confused on your strategy. Anyone smart

>> wouldn't even let you use your allies, or better yet, remove them. <<


Main Personalities:


Android 17 Lv 1(GT)


Android 17,the Redesigned Lv2 (GT)


( I have the Android Empowered but its power doesnt help me.)


>> Well you know you have a problem then. Android 17, or at least this

>> one, should be able to use his level 3 power because searching for

>> A17 named cards is good. That said, you do know you need a level 3 to

>> play right? Throw in a level 4 while you're at it. <<


>> Mastery/Sensei? <<




Android 15 ( Movie7 )


Android 20 (GT) >> Only run his CS Level 1. <<


Cell (GT)


Sigma Force (GT)


General Rilldo, the Assaulter (GT)


Cell Jr. 1(Cell games) ( I need another cell jr. before I will use this one >> You're not Cell... that makes your deck illegal. <<


Dodoria ( Trunks saga)


Jeice (Frieza saga)


Capt. Ginyu (Trunks saga)


>> Yeah we have a problem here. You can't just throw in any allies and

>> expect them to work. Seeing you are Android 17, I'd consider running

>> most of the good Android allies to abuse the fact you're an Android.

>> Then run the support cards like Android 13's Prepared Stance and

>> Super Android 13's Destruction Bomb. <<


Physical Combat:


black friezas left chop (GT)


masterful defense (GT)


sayian hand swipe (buu saga)


red fist catch (buu saga)


red passive block (buu saga)


carpet attack technique (buu saga)


red power block (buu saga)


2x majin stomach throw (buu saga)


namekian elbow strike (world games)


gohans ready (android saga)


tiens flight (android saga)


cells defense (cell preview)


red power punch (cell games)


red duck (cell games)


Energy Combat:


2x General rilldos metalization (GT)


orange android 17s personal touch(GT)


orange android 17s palm blast (GT)


orange risky attack (GT)


sayian charged kamehameha (GT)


black laser dodge (GT)


blue forced impact (GT)


2x orange energy catch (buu saga)


red vigor orb (buu saga)


red ball throw (buu saga)


blue energy cannon (buu saga)


blue draining blast (buu saga)


brolys energy blast (buu preview?)


namekian final flash (world games)


orange rage (android saga)


red energy charge (android saga)


android 20s enraged (android saga)


android 19s energy blast (android saga)


sayian mental energy attack (sayian saga?)


cells dark attack (cell preview)


good advice (frieza preview)


vegetas jolting slash (frieza saga)


blue thrusted blast (cell games)


red cross slash ?


orange energy break ?


orange 5-finger focus ( kid buu preview)




resignation (GT)


dinner date (GT)


nightmares (GT)


orange focusing drill (GT)


orange conference drill (GT)


2x energy gathering (bu saga)


blue friendship (buu saga)


physical defense drill (buu saga)


orange hiding drill (buu saga)


blue battle readiness (android saga)


android 20s search pattern (android saga)


android 19s distress (android saga)


gohans peaceful stance (android saga)


unexpected company (android saga)


orange energy phasing drill (android saga)


orange aura drill (android saga)


knock out drill (android saga)


sayian abduction (world games)


black erasing drill (frieza saga)


namekian power stance drill (cell games)


red gravity drill (trunks saga)


eyes of the dragon*


orange spontaneous drill*


red life attack drill*


(sayian saga?)




black command (GT)


blue power absor[tion (GT)


bue safegaurd (GT)


road rage (GT)


krillins flight (buu saga)


android 18s stare down (android saga)


black taunting attack (android saga)


black scout maneuver (android saga) - Sensei Deck Only card.


dragon balls:


alt. dende dragon ball 3 (buu saga)


alt. dende dragon ball 2 (buu saga)


black star dragon ball 2 (GT)


earth dragon ball 3 (babidi saga)


>> You can only run DBs from one set. <<




blasted land (android saga)

>> Terrible choice for a location. Try something else like City In

>> Turmoil as tech, and maybe throw in something interesting like Winter

>> Countryside or Goku's House. <<


>> Your basic problem is you have barely any focus. You've basically thrown together random cards, some of them illegal, and put them in a stack. That's not how you play a CCG. What you need to do is back up, and design a basic focus. How do you want to win? What Style and MP would work best with that? You can't be running 1x of random stuff. You're supposed to max out on good cards to abuse.


I can't give you a rating because your deck is illegal, and thus it wouldn't even get a 1 when 10 is the best.


Hopefully you'll see what I'm saying. Take a look at some other decks that are sent to me and read up on what I mean by focus and theme. That's the basic thing you need to start playing any CCG period. Once you've mastered that, you'll be able to go build decks to your fullest potential. Remember to build decks using any cards, not just ones you own. Decks with any cards are always better than ones with cards you're limited to.


Good luck.


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