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From: "Mario Maldonado"

Date:  Wed, 28 Jul 2004 02:56:47 -0400


Yo, Matthew how are you doing today????  I have a nice deck for you to

rate....   Its a Trunks Freestyle Namekian DragonBall Deck


>> Not bad. Just bored at work. <<


Trunks P14 HT

Trunks (GT) The Scientific.

''  ''  ''  (GT) Super Saiyan.

''  ''  ''  (DBZ Cell saga) The Powerful.

''  ''  ''  The Battler (Cell Games)


>> Good solid anti energy. <<


Freestyle Mastery (Buu saga)


>> The only thing wrong with Freestyle is it gets owned royally by

>> Saiyan Power Punch, along with a big handful of other cards. Either

>> way I'll still try to do my best with this. Freestyle is one of the

>> weakest styles right now because so many cards can shut it down, but

>> if played right, it still can be a decent threat. <<


Mater Rashi Sensei--

---In the Deck is HUH???


>> I like the bonus to steal a DB with KHSB, however I think you'd

>> benefit more from Piccolo Sensei. It gives you the chance to run

>> stuff like HUH??? main decked as well as all the other Fades cards to

>> stop other decks. You'd also be able to run Black Scout Maneuver and

>> Breakthrough Drill and stuff like that. <<



Rugular 1,4 and 5

Alt. 2,3,6 and 7


>> Namek DBs eh. Decent choices. Keep in mind Alt 7 can mess you up. <<



Vitorious Drill

Breakthough Drill (I don't run any combat enders) - what... try sticking it in your Sensei Deck.

2x Trunks Gurdian Drill

2x COG Drill

Champions Drill

Vegeta's Quickness Drill

Jeice's Style Drill - I'd take this out for A20's Absorbing Drill which you'd activate if there's some nasty if successful effect.

2x Goku's Capturing Drill - Probably 3, but might not be necessary.

Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill (For Ally decks)


>> For some reason I'm thinking you're missing a key Drill but nothing

>> comes to mind. -_- <<



2x The Power Of Porunga

Vegeta's Smirk

Fatherly Advice

Mommy's Coming Dear

Vegeta's Plans

Bulma's Scouter


Goku's Luck Break


>> You forgot Dragon Radar. I'd consider Final Breath if you like to

>> suicide, but that all depends. Android 20's Search Pattern will help

>> you get rid of HUH???. Maybe a combat ender or so, or at least

>> Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation. Initiative too. <<


Combat Cards--

4x TES

3x Startled

3x Confrontation

2x Cell's Presences


2x Land in Pain

Epic Battle Of Saiyans

Mark Of The Dragon


Road Rage


>> 2 CP... wow you must be really scared of ally. Trunks usually takes

>> care of most of that. Anyway, Road Rage is nice but you need to

>> couple it with something that removes cards from the discard. But

>> anyway, in all honesty, I'd run combat enders. Oh, and you're missing

>> Pure Defense. You'll need it to kill off Power Punch. Dazed is also a

>> good staple, and Power of the Dragon may stall other DB decks. Also,

>> if you like Confrontation, you also can run Champions of Earth. You

>> could be funny and run 3 Are You Tuff Enuff to get to level 3. <<


Physical Combat--


3x Pikkon's Leg Catch


Masterful Defense


Goku's Running Defense


>> Gohan's Kick is going to give you some problems. More like a lot of

>> problems. Watch out for it. <<


Energy Combat--

3x Victorious

3x Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast (4 + 1 for the Master Roshi Sensei= a stole


Frieza's Force Bubble

Gen. Rildo's Force Field



>> Victorious has got to go. Otherwise you've got a decent selection

>> here. <<



2x King Kai's New Home...


>> Interesting. I would of said Buu's New House. <<


I don't like to get the DragonBalls out fast because I like looking at the fustration in my oppenents eyes right before I win....  The record for this deck is 26-5.....


>> Well then now I'm confused. There are basically 4 ways to win via DB:


1 - Speed Ball. Generally the deck is 50 cards, and it relies on getting all 7 out before your opponent can do anything.

2 - Setup Ball. Relies on using A20's Search Pattern or something similar to remove HUH???/Fades, and then either draws or searches out all 7 Balls. Sometimes uses Drill lock/setup lock.

3 - EDQ Ball. Pops EDQ and then stalls 7 turns for the win.

4 - Suicide Ball. Lets your opponent kill you and then uses WTLTH and/or Final Breath and draw up all 7 and win.


You're halfway between Speed and Setup. You don't run combat enders, which is a big part of 1 and 2. You don't run much to kill HUH???, which means since you don't speed ball, you're going to be susceptible to HUH??? quite easily if you mess around.


You're going to need to decide. Don't think HUH??? isn't a threat because it is. You deck would be more stable if you run some combat enders and anti HUH???, so consider it. Good Luck.


I'm going to give you a 5.0 out of 10. Keep in mind that's a very good rating from me so don't be discouraged.


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