Subject: Re: FW: Piccolo's Rush v 1.0 - Namekian WGS Physical

From: Tim Hilan
Subject: Piccolo's Rush v 1.0-Tim Hiland

~Main Personality-


lvl 1- WGS HT

lvl 2- MBS HT

lvl 3- CS HT

>> Odd. I would useÖ
CS 3
CS 4 (not like you have an option)


South Kai Sensei


Namekian Style Mastery (WGS)

>> This could work. I like TS more but I can see WGS working. <<


Guldo lvl 1 (FS)

>> Android 14 sir. Heís the first ally that should come to mind in
>> MultiformÖ because you can ditch your hand to him. <<

~Dragon Balls~




Exppectant Trunks x1

>> Interesting in running just one. Your call. <<

~Energy Def~

Nappa's Energy Aura x1

Namekian Energy Catch x3

>> Energy Ricochet is better than Catch IMO. This doesnít look like
>> enough blocks at all. <<

~Physical Def~

Nappa's Physical Resistance x1

Namekian Haulting Stance x3

>> Haulting StanceÖ Iíd run Pikkonís Leg Catch. <<



Battle Pausing x1

Namekian Energy Focus x3 Ė Need good energies to pull.

Smokescreen x3

>> Smokescreen is like one of the worst cards in the game. Youíre missing cards like Mark of the Dragon, Power of the Dragon, Dazed, CTP, 17 Smirks, 3 TES, Staredown/Menacing Evil, Epic Battle of Saiyans, and better options for blocks.
With your lack of good options, you might as well run Namekian Strike and some energy attacks that do something. <<

~Energy Attacks~

Krillin Unleashed x3

Krillin's Sloar Flare x3

>> Donít really think these are needed. Unleashed is for infinite decks;
>> yours is trying to be one but isnít. Iíd run stuff like Gokuís
>> Physical Attack and Gokuís Training first because theyíre physicals.
>> <<

~Physical Attacks~

Namekian Side Kick x3

Namekian Dash x3

Namekian Focused Kick x3

Namekian Lunge x3

Namekian Shuto x3

Namekian Bash x3

Majin Vegeta's Frantic Attack x3

>> Frantic Attack wonít help you much seeing it already has Remain. Youíre also running some of the most random Namekian Physicals that Iíve never heard of. Iíd make sure I was running Shield Destruction for tech, and then go out and get good Freestyle Physical attacks to make up for how weak Namekian ones are. Namekian Bash is likeÖ I donít know if thereís a word to describe how terrible it is. <<

~Other Physical Combats~

Piccolo's Multiform x4

>> Obviously. <<

Not really much to say... Uh.. Use it in expanded.. and yeah.. try to maybe get to lvl 2.. if i can I still bea the crap outa muh opp. with the huge amount of cards in hand ^^;;

>> You wonít be able to, not with how this looks like. Your physicals are all amazingly weak, so youíre going to have to look for options that will actually do something. Buuís Heel Kick for discard pile control. Training/GPA for card draw. Stuff like that.

Bottom line is Namekian Physical Beats is a very poor archtype. There just arenít enough cards that can stand up to the big decks now.

Youíll need to run good tech, and donít forget your battleground/location. Figure out how youíre going to do damage with weak attacks, because if you donít, your opponent will laugh at you taking your 4 stages and then hit you back with 15-20 from every single attack. <<

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