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This a deck i've been working on for a while I was wondering what sort of changes I should make to it to make it a competitive deck.



Black Science Mastery


>> If you want to make it competitive, you’re going to need to change your Mastery. You’ve got a couple drills that discard cards off the top of your opponent’s deck (aka mill), but that’s all. To have your Mastery sit there and do nothing for most of the game, only working on 5 drills and 6 Events in your deck (from the quick look) is not recommended.


You do know that Black Science Mastery doesn’t affect damage right? Says so right on the card… only if you discard cards from your opponent’s deck… which never affects damage… <<


Main Personality

Frieza 1-3



Black Butterfingers x3

Black Covert Operations Drill x2

Black Coolness Drill x1

Black Geezer Patrol x3

Black Leadership Drill x2

Black Smoke Dragon x2

Black Domination x3

Black Gripe x2

Black Hidden Drill x1

Black Tickle Drill x1

Dragon Radar x1


>> We’re going to change this deck to Energetic Mastery. With that in mind, we need to cut a whole lot of cards. Let’s keep around the Dragon Radar, 2 Smoke Dragons, 2 Butterfingers, and the Dominations. Everything else goes. Consider running a Trunks Reconstruction and Surprise Gift though.

Oh, and with the release of Shadow Dragon Saga, throw the Smoke Dragons into the Sensei deck. <<



Epic Battle of the Saiyansx1

Black Cross Check x3

Black Fallback x3

Black Fall Back x3

Black Flinch x3

Black Command x3


>> Cool. You wrote Black Fallback twice. Maybe throw in Aerial Elusion or Goten’s Side Blocks instead.

You also need Mark of the Dragon, and don’t forget the SDS Sphere – Black Evil Glare.

Oh, and don’t forget your Menacing Evils.



Energy Combat

Black Ki Surge x3

Black Frieza's Fierce Detonation x4

Black Friezas Destructo Disk x4

General Rildos Force Field x1

Black Full Force Impact x3


>> Good. But let’s add in 3 Black Broly Blast, Super Android 17’s

>> Absorption, and the new Black Masked card Black Focal Point. And

>> Black Tunneling Technique while we’re at it. Maybe even some Goten’s

>> Straight Beams too. <<


Physical Combat

Black Deadly Crush x3

Black Clash x3

Black Friezas Left Chop x4

Masterful Defense x1


>> We have to run Black Interruption because that card is just plain good. Hercule’s Crescent Punches will help against mirror matches as well.


Good luck and have fun with this. Black Energetic Frieza is pretty good if you abuse the level 3 correctly. Good luck.


Oh, and sorry for changing the Mastery. Frieza just doesn’t work well with Science Mastery. Science revolves around using Black Morbid Cuisine Drill and all the cards that increase the discard count, and just being defensive until you either ball out or your opponent removes his deck from the game. Frieza is best used on his nasty level 3. <<

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