From: Surlio
Subject: Tournament Report 1-10-04

Saturaday, January 10th, 2004

A local card shop was holding a DBZ tournament, it was free, and the prize was small, but I figured with myself going to regionals in April, I should gear up and see what might be floating around the enviroment right now, before GT gets released. What I found when I got there, suprised me. 8 people showed up, and this was a single elimination tournament (thats odd). That ment only three rounds. After talking with the owner, he said it wasn't an offical tournament, that would be next week. He also asked if I would check the decks to make sure they were legal. My friend Daniel Larkins was there as well, using a tinkered up A18 deck that I helped him on the night before.

Like I said, I was suprised. 4 of the 8 people didn't even know there was a banned/restricted list, and were running CPH, This Too Shall Pass, The talking Ends here, etc. I saw more things illegal in 4 decks than I've ever seen. After sitting them down and explaining to them what they could and couldn't do, I was then hit with 1001 questions concerning the game. Suddenly, I'm not only playing, I'm a judge? I didn't mind, considering most of these people needed serious help, I almost felt sorry I was participating considering the deck I had with me was just wrong in every sense. Anyway, The tournament only lasted 3 rounds, I will list how they went below, but now, I will list my deck for you guys, and what I was up against.

Robert Evans' AKA Surllio's Red Piccolo Multiform Infinite Phsycial Beatdown Main Personality Piccolo SS HT 1 Piccolo Buu HT 2 Piccolo CS 3

Roshi Sensei
Black Scout Maneuver x2
Red Sniping Shot x3
A Hero's Heart is Strong x3

A18's Stare Down x3
Red Double Strike x3
Sneaky Tricks x3

Energy Combats
Red Left Bolts x3

Physical Combats
Red Face Slap x2
Combo x3
Red Overbearing Attack x3
Red Whiplash x3
Red Elbow Drop x2
Red Axe Heel Kick x3
Red Pressure Technique x3
Piccolo's Multiform x4
Goku's Training x3
Gohan's Kick x2
Red Aerial Force x3
Cell's Backslap
Red Shattering Leap x3

Deck Stratigy: Infinite Beatdown. Multiform should seriously be banned, especially after this deck. Red Axe Heel Kick going twice? If thats not bad enough, the stacking of Red Pressure multiple times (10 times in one game) just makes it wrong, not me to mention Backslap, Goku's Training, Sneaky Tricks to pull a physical form the bottom, and with the multiform, it still goes twice, and Piccolo's stage 2 and 3 ability, all going off 2 times, with enough anger to get to stage 3 in one combat. This was wrong. After the tournament, we counted Piccolo doing 73 physicals before he finally let his combo die, and it didn't even work right. Whats surviving that? Not much if anything, even with major amounts of endurance and resistance, what could survive?

Here is what I was up against:
Blue A18 Physical Beatdown, Roshi Sensei, Buu Mastery (only real competition, killed round 1) Sayian Kid Trunks Energy Beat w/Regeneration, North Kai, Buu Mastery (interesting deck idea, needed work) Colorless Gohan Hybrid, East Kai (what was he thinking?) Red A18 Hybrid Anger, North Kai (was goku sensei, convinced her to change before tournie), Buu Mastery (umm...why come off stage 1?) Red Fat Majin Buu Physical Hybrid Anger, Goku Sensei, Buu Mastery (interesting) Sayian Goku Hybrid Anger, Goku Sensei (another?), Buu Mastery (umm...) Black Majin/Kid Buu Hybrid Anger, Goku Sensei (AH!!), TS Mastery (decent)

Looking at my competition, I decided not to actually use my Sensei deck, though i left it there just for safe keeping. These people filled their sensei decks, I was happy, but it was ONLY to keep Red Aerial Force from making them Discard. Need to work with them on that one. Anyway, here is how it went.

Round 1: Red Piccolo VS. Blue A18
What? My only competition in the first Round? Boy did I feel cheated. I helped him make the deck he had, which was merely an improvement over the original design he had. Worst part was, he knew he couldn't win (tested Piccolo twice against that deck, even with 50 blue cards and the mastery, still couldn't hold out more than a round).
Turn 3, he enters, turn one I had set up my combo, Multiform was on the bottom of the discard pile, Red Axe Heel Kick was on bottom of life deck (from last rejuvenation step), and Red Left Bolt setting in my hand. Drew Red Axe Heel Kick (that makes 2 in hand), Red Presure Tech (not going to be pretty), and Gohan's Kick. Multiform enters hand from Piccolo's ablitiy. He opens up with Blue Terror (nice move), I counter with Red Left Bolt, pull red axe heel kick. He plays Blue Sledgehammer, Piccolo is at Zero. I play Gohan's kick, he stops it with Time is a Warriors tool, though secondary effects canceled. He play another sledghammer (ouch), I play multiform. He passes, announces he has no other cards in he can play, here comes the combo. Red Pressure 2 times, Red Axe Heel to pull Red Pressure, Red Pressure 2 more times, Red axe Heel to pull Red overbearing, Red over bearing, Red axe heel to pull pressure, move to stage 2, piccolos attack, pull Goku's training, Piccolo's attack, pull Cell Backslap (it was thats or Goku's training or Red Axe heel that got discarded), red pressure 2 times, red axe heel to pull red pressure, Red overbaring, red pressure two times, cell backslap, pulls combo, play combo, draw red shattering, cells backslap, pulls goku's ends after red pressure again. He was preventing, but the stacking of Red Pressure hurts when it gets to 6 to 10 cards discarded per Physical attack played.

Round 2, Red Piccolo VS. Red A18
Turn 3, Same result as above, only different order of cards. Infinite combo set up opening hand.

Round 3 Finals (not use to short tournies)Red Piccolo VS. Black Majin/Kid Buu.
Turn 2. This game scared me, Buu got an insane hand draw, and almost killed me, I had 13 cards left (14 life card physical attack, thats minus the roshi, ouch), and the combo was no where in sight. Then, He stopped red whiplash, unempowered, there comes the multiform (3rd from bottom). Play multiform, play red left bolt, there is red axe heel kick, play backslap, pull combo, combo backslap to draw red axe heel kick. Wow, combo came mid hand, but still scared me. 30 odd attacks later, and 6 pressure techs, I emerged victorious.

The prize? 10 packs if Kid Buu. I opened them, pulled the Bojack Cards, and pulled a Piccolo Sensei First pack. Kept 8 cards, gave the rest to everyone there. Then started helping them with deck building and rules and stuff. Holding a workshop for them a week from now.

My thoughts? Hey, I was evil, what can I say. I got a free Piccolo Sensei out of it (been needing that thing), and I've come to the conclusion the Piccolo's multiform needs to be banned.