From: Donny Knowles
Subject: Tournament Report: ph34r t3h cute ones (Who aren’t cute yet)

Deck Name: ph34r t3h cute ones (Who aren’t cute yet)

Player: Donny Knowles

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Date: Monday, December 1st, 2003


Hello, my name’s Donny. I noticed the absurd lack of tournament reports on Pojo, so I decided to start writing them myself. There were no tournaments in my area until recently, otherwise I would have sent more reports in. My deck is basically a “Gee, look how enormous my hand is.” Saiyan deck. To explain the title, I usually use “Goku, Young Again”. However, it’s a Standard tournament, so I want a chance of winning MPPV (Didn’t do that the first tournament…because I’m an idiot.). Anyway, the first report is for last weeks tournament (My first.) but before that, here’s my deck.


Level 1: Goku (MBS)

Level 2: Goku, Super Saiyan

Level 3: Goku, Earth’s Hero


TS Saiyan Style Mastery


North Kai Sensei (3)

2 Saiyan Overcharged Blast

1 Saiyan Headshot


Dragon Balls: 1

Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 3


Allies: 1

Level 1: Chi-Chi (Saiyan)


Physical Attack Cards: 33

3 Saiyan Flying Kick

3 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam

3 Saiyan Escape

3 Saiyan Dashing Kick

3 Saiyan Triple Kick

3 Saiyan Power Kick

3 Saiyan Flying Tackle

2 Saiyan Face Smash

2 Saiyan Blitz

2 Saiyan Youth Bruise

2 Goku’s Physical Attack

2 Saiyan Face Stomp

1 Saiyan Destiny

1 Cell’s Backslap


Physical Defense Cards: 12

3 Trunks Swiftly Moving

3 Saiyan Lightning Dodge

2 Saiyan Blocking Technique

2 Saiyan Wrist Block

1 Nappa’s Physical Resistance

1 Vegeta’s Physical Stance


Energy Attack Cards: 4

2 Goku’s Setup Strike

2 Saiyan Energy Bullet


Energy Defense Cards: 5

2 Saiyan Hand Swipe

2 Saiyan Planet Explosion

1 Nappa’s Energy Aura


Combat Cards: 12

3 Confrontation

3 Trunks Energy Sphere

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool

1 Saiyan Truce Card

1 Reserves

1 Battle Pausing

1 Super Saiyan Effect

1 Pan’s Victory


Omni-Blocks: 8

3 Saiyan Brace

3 Saiyan Stop

2 Yamcha’s Skillful Defense


Non-Combat Cards: 4

1 Goku’s Power Pole

1 Expectant Trunks

1 Vegeta’s Quickness Drill

1 Saiyan Inspection


Round 1: Me vs. Mike (Energy Krillin, WG Red Mastery)

He was using the level 1 HT from Saiyan (Best one, in my opinion.) and 3 from World Games. His level 2 I can’t remember, but I believe it was the redemption HT. The game started off pretty well (I assume, he was using sleeves and I wasn’t, so I couldn’t really tell). I was beating him for a while, but he kept shuffling cards with “Energy” in the title back in, so I was pretty annoyed. I added in level 4/5 of Goku so I wouldn’t lose by MPPV (He built his deck right before the game, so I didn’t know he only went up to level 3. Had I not added those levels, I could have won by MPPV. And my deck was Tuff Enuff, and it was standard. But that’s no excuse.)


Then the game began to get much closer. He boosted to level 2 using Aura Clash (At this point I would have won by MPPV, because I had reached level 3.). The energy kept coming, but I had blocks (Hurrah!). He used a combat card called “Unlocked Potential”, which I sphered. However, I didn’t expect a second one, and he added +30 stages to his energy attack. Had I been at my maximum level, it would have subtracted 12 of those (Cell Saga cards have 12 stages, usually, if not always.), but I was at 0000. The attack completely leveled my deck, and cost me the game. I realize now had I been using South Kai instead of North Kai (His mastery wasn’t anything to worry about. Too bad I found that out too late…) I could have summoned (Yu-Gi-Oh frame of mind at the moment) Chi-Chi from my deck and used her omni-block, which could have won me the game.


The worst part was, there was only 30 seconds left on the clock…



Round 2: Me vs. Jake (Broly Beatdown, MBS Saiyan Mastery)

Ironically, I brought Jake, and we were beaten by the other two who came together. Their team was better than ours, apparently. I had beaten Jake before the tournament, so I didn’t think it would be that hard. He started beating me into the ground. He was at level 4 really quickly, but I used Saiyan Inspection to shut off his power, and he couldn’t use his power to shuffle 15 Saiyan Style cards in. That ended up saving me. It ended up with Jake having six life cards left and my MP had advanced to Goku, Earth’s Hero. I knew it was risky to enter combat, having so little cards myself, but I pulled off Goku’s power and he discarded his last 3 life cards.



Post Tournament Recap: Alright, so I got 3rd in my first real tournament. Big deal! I still got a pack (Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam!) and four promos. Krillin’s Search, Jewel, Planet Vegeta, and King Kold Smiles (Bah.). I did trade for a Goku, the Young which I now run as my level 1 (It works surprisingly well…). Next week I’m going to try my best to place higher than third…


The Next Week…

It was tournament time again, and I was determined to beat Mike. After looking around I noticed there was more than twice as many people as before (Brandon, Ryan, Latch, and James.). Shane (The guy running the tournament, if I haven’t already said.) brought out a huge box of DBZ singles and let us loot it for 10 cents a card. I grabbed all the good Saiyan cards I could find (Along with like, seven Trunks Energy Spheres), and shortly after that, the tournament began.


Round 1: Me vs. Latch (Beatdown Uub, MBS Blue Mastery)

I was curious as to why Latch was using Uub… apparently he didn’t know you couldn’t modify during the actual tournament. I let a few attacks get by to add up the Saiyan cards in my discard pile, when Latch revealed Uub’s special ability…removing the life cards from the game. Thoroughly pissed off, I slammed into him with constant physicals (And an energy or two). Eventually by rejuvenating and playing Saiyan cards, I added up the Saiyan cards in my discard, along with Saiyan Inspection shutting off Uub’s nasty removing ability, and advanced two levels in two combats. That won me the game. As far as I know, that was my FIRST Most Powerful Personality Victory.



Round 2: Me vs. Brandon (Beatdown Vegeta, TS Saiyan Mastery)

The second person this tournament who was playing because of me…bah, I have to stop getting good people into the game. Or, back into the game, in Brandon’s case. The first combat probably won me the game. If I can remember correctly, I used two Saiyan Escapes and two Saiyan Dashing Kicks, causing many, many life cards of damage. Saiyan Inspection saved my ass again, shutting off his power, and shortly after that I won by Survival.



Round 3: Me vs. Dun, dun, dun…Mike! (Energy Yamcha!?, WG Red Mastery)

Mike finished his deck right before our match (again…I made it difficult for him by constantly making him laugh.) and…surprisingly, Krillin was no where in site, but his old buddy Yamcha was there to substitute. We began to trade blows and the match was pretty even, but I pulled ahead with some good physicals. He placed a few allies into play, but I discarded them with Goku’s Power Pole and I realized this was too easy…he had to have a plan…and there it was. Majin Buu’s Prepped Crash. He removed my discard pile and used Roshi’s Calming to bump me back down to level 1 (Nooo!). The worst of it is, I could have stopped the Prepped Crash, but I didn’t read the full effect (My mom called and complained about how long the tournament was taking, for a few minutes).


The game continued and I got back up to level 2, but that wasn’t enough. The game ran back down to the last minute, and I played Saiyan Truce Card, which he sphered, costing me the game. The last seconds ticked off and the timer rung. Mike won the match by “points”, but if we had another five minutes, I know I could have beaten him. I blame my mom for that loss…those minutes she spent nagging could have won me the match.



Round 4: Me vs. Marcus (Anger Goku, TS Red Mastery)

Oh great…Marcus…Marcus was using Shane’s (tournament judge) deck, which is anger rising…and rising…and rising…He went to the 2002 World Championship (Shane, not Marcus). Oh yeah, I also got Marcus into DBZ…gotta stop doing that. Anyway, the game started off with me attacking and him getting pissed (Anger wise, I mean). Had it not been for MPPV, I think I could have won…(*cough*). It didn’t take Marcus long to blast to level 5 and win by MPPV.


Post Tournament Recap: Well there it was. Fourth place. Oh well, I’ll just have to do better next time… Come to think of it, if I hadn’t gotten Brandon, Ryan, Marcus, James, Jake, and Latch into (or back into) the game, life would be a lot easier…and a lot less fun, too. Now I just have to beat Ryan’s Bojack deck, Mike’s humans, and Marcus (Once he gets a deck), and I can say I’ve beaten everyone I’ve ever played at least once. Hazaa!