Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 12:00 PM
Subject: nail the protector of rage by:Austin faulkner
Nail the protector of  of rage
    Austin Faulkner
Waterloo at 3/9/02
 # of people 6

   main personality:
        Nail the namekian
         Nail inspired
        Nail the namekian hero

   Namekian(cell saga)

Physical combat:

  X 1 namekian forearm smash
  X 1 Vegeta's physical stance
  X 1 nappa's physical resistance
  X 1 Trunks swiftly moving
  X 3  namekian fist block
  X 6 namekian blocking defense
  X 6 namekian backflip
  X 2 namekian defensive stance
  X 3 namekian physical stance
  X 3 namekian upward dash
      Energy combat:

 X 1 tien's energy defense
 X 1 goku's energy absorption
 X 1 nappa's energy aura
 X 3 namekan energy deflection
 X 3 namekian energy catch
 X 2 yamcha's skillful defense


  X 2 mother's touch
  X 2 smokescreen
  X 2 namekian regeneration
  X 1 time is a warrior's tool
  X 1 run away


  X 1 roshi's calming
 X 1 King kai's calming
 X 1 vegeta scans the city
 X 1 goku's heart disease
 X 1 roshi's thoughts
 X 1 namek dragon ball wish
 X 1 awful abrasions
 X 1 jeice's style drill
 X 1 hero advantage
 X 1 king kai training
 X 2 meditation drill
 X 2 piccolo's flight
 X 3 roshi training
 X 2 trunks prepares
 X 2 namekian focusing effort
 X 2 piccolo defense drill
 X 2 android 20 absorbing drill
 X 3 namekian fusion

 X 1 winter countryside


       namekian vs. angelo cranmer  blue trunks

     this was the best battle I have ever had angelo lives next to me and Is one of my best friend's and I know is deck has alot of defense because he used to always use to beat my red deck with out me even getting a single attack on him but this time it was different because even if he did stop nail's attack it would still would do three life card's of damage anyway's I did over 72 life cards of damage through out the whole battle with nail and it came down into the end that we both had three card's left he used yamcha's power and I could not stop it he won by three life cards
     wins:0 Losses:1

 namekian vs. black android 16 deck ( angelo's twin brother andre's deck)

   andre is another good friend who always comes to watterloo with me on saterday's to play card's this was a good deck but even with all the damage he did I still just rejuvinated it and it took a wile but i won with still  over more than half of my deck left

        win's :1 losses:1

   namekian vs.  orange 19 deck

    this battle turned out good for me because he kept trying to do energy attack's against me that would have done 14 life cards of damage a piece but i just kept stopping them  while beeting him down with my power so then he got the strange idea of trying to win by anger but I placed down awful abrasion's and with no dragon ball's in his deck  all I had to do was beet him into subbmission in the end I had no  cards in my discard pile because of my rejuvination.

   Wins: 2   losses:1

               namekian vs. blue cooler deck

        this battle was a little tougher than i had planed but with my recycling card's and all of my defense I knew i could still do it he got ut dying plaet to remove my discard pile but in my next draw i puled out run away and goy my winter countryside
out and removed his dying planet then i started to beet him into subbmission while recycling my deck o win the battlein the end I got second and won three cell saga booster packs

      wins:3   Losses:1

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