Dragon Ball Z worlds 2k3 tournament report day 1
By Adam Hull

(sorry if I don't rember every card played in my matches they go by kinda fast)
Well I started out for Indianapolis on Wednesday early morning me and my dad drove over to two of my friend's houses to pick up 3 of my friends. We hit the rode at about 6 a.m. driving with the occasional break along the way, it was a 16 hour drive to Indy and when we got there at 12 we were all really tired and wanted to go to bed so after checking into out hotel rooms (we had one and my dad had one) we turned on the TV and all crashed around 12:30. That next morning we got up and went down into the lobby for some breakfast before going to the convention to explore. The Convention was awesome there were so many things I wanted I had to get my dad to hold onto my money so I didn't blow it without having a good look around. I bought a box of android saga for $40 at the Card Haus booth and a real looking metal light saber for $50. We hung out at the Con for the day and occasionally stopped in to watch my friend's brother while he was playing a magic the gathering junior super series. We eventually spent all of that day's spending money and were tired we also wanted to get back to the hotel to get some sleep before worlds the next day.
Sorry I left my deck at the con on accident and my friend is brining it home when he comes back tonight.
Tuff Enuff: Piccolo the Trained Namekian
The standard "Bling" Namekian, 3 Piccolo's power balls 3 Namekian Strikes, TS mastery etc.

Round 1: PTT Namekian vs. Cell black TS mastery
I go first getting an expectant trunk, piccolo and heroes gather and Namekian strike. I play expectant trunks down then piccolo and heroes gather for a trunks energy sphere and Confrontation. He uses a physical for 3 stages and I take it. I confrontation his hand and get the only energy blocker. He passes, I Namekian strike for 4 life cards and search for Namekian strike which I use for 4 life and then pass. He plays two non-combats and passes. I top deck another piccolo and heroes gather, hidden power level, and energy attack for 6, I play hidden power level, he passes, I piccolo and heroes gather he spheres so I sphere his sphere. I search for two confrontations and he passes again, I get his only energy stopper and I had expectant trunks earlier for the Namekian strike in my discard pile so I Namekian strike for Namekian strike and then Namekian strike for another beefy energy attack then I play the one from my hand. He was already low on life cards so the next combat I beat him down and got an over kill.

Round 2: PTT Namekian vs. Krillin Freestyle BS mastery
I don't remember too much about this match because I wasn't feeling too well and waiting on my dad to get me something for my headache. This guy wasn't a very good player and  I could tell he was playing a deck a friend built for him because when he was searching with his mastery he kept naming cards that weren't in his deck.

Round 3: PTT Namekian vs. Krillin Freestyle BS mastery
My head was splitting at this point and this guy was pretty good he differentially knew what he was doing and how to run his deck. I kept making stupid mistakes like not getting spheres when searching my deck etc. needless to say I lost.

Round 4: PTT Namekian vs. Buu black TS mastery
My dad brought me some Advil and within about 10 minutes I was back on my game and ready to make up for my loss. I enter combat with hidden power level and Namekian strike for Namekian strike then Namekian strike for krillins heat-seeking blast. After about the 3 combat he was over whelmed I recycled two Namekian strikes back in and started the Namekian strike chain ending with a heat seeking and a over kill.

Round 5: PTT Namekian vs. Krillin Freestyle BS mastery

I keep running into these all day but the good thing is my friend Cal who is second best to me at out local shop runs one so I know to deal with it. This guy was pretty good he let me beat him down until he had like 4 life cards left then he is going to Aura Clash to his level three and heat seeking for the game Well he aura clashes and I sphere he was so mad I then piccolo's power ball for the game.

Round 6: PTT Namekian vs. Tien orange energy
No offense but this guy was terrible he made a lot of mistakes and was very cocky towards me he pulled out his foil Tien set at the beginning of the game and in a really smug voice was like "you intimidated?" Not saying anything I pulled out my foil piccolo the trained, foil Namekian mastery, and foil west Kai sensei. He accused me of using a friends deck so again saying nothing I continued to totally destroy his deck I got the Namekian strike combo off mid game then used a ton of beefy energies just playing it cool and relaxed though each combat. I got a 10-life car over kill on him and he was really mad after that, he actually threatened to beat me up until my friend Brody stood up and he kind backed off.

Round 7: PTT Namekian vs. Android 18 Black TS mastery
This was the first girl I have ever seen playing the dbz ccg besides my friend's girlfriend who plays occasionally. She was pretty good we got to talking and she was playing 18 because she like her and somewhat resembled her. We got pretty well into the game without realizing we had been talking and not playing the judge said there was only 5 minutes left in the round so I had to turn on my game and play speed. I entered almost every combat beating her down with energies. I could have over killed her but I already had 3 over kills and didn't have the heart to overkill her she was really nice and a good sport about losing.

Round 8: PTT Namekian vs. PTT Namekian TS mastery
Well I'm guaranteed day two win or lose so this match I turn it up anyway because I don't want to have a 6-2 record. This guy is about equal to me in skill so this match would come down to luck its about 12:30 at night and I have been playing all day so I'm really beat and want to go back to the hotel. I don't remember much but I got some good hands and he drew poo and I beat him down after like a ton of combats.

Well I am in day two of worlds and I got my top 64 card "Champion punch" which I plan on putting in my day two worlds deck. Me and my friends and that girl (Hanna) grabbed something to eat and walked around for a bit until my dad came to pick us up and she went up to her room.

Later this week I'll post Day two at worlds with my decklist of the deck I used in standard.