Myuu the Energized, Wiseman, Heroes Con


Myuu the Energized


Charolette NC


Approx 52 people

Dr. Myuu lv1
Dr. Myuu lv2 HT (Black Domination as backer)
Dr. Myuu lv3
Dr. Myuu lv4
Black Energetic Mastery

Sigma Force

Styled Cards
3x Black Frieza's Fierce Detonation
Black Clash
3x Black Firebreath
Black Laser Dodge
Black Full Force Impact 

Black Domination
Black Deadly Crush
2x Black Combat Defense
2x Black Interuption
2x Black Frieza's Left Chop
3x Black Laser Beams
3x Black Command
Black Concealed Weaponry Drill
Black Coolness Drill
Black Shattering Knee
2x Black Opposition
2x Black Uber Blasts
2x Black Throwdown
2x Black Elbow Block
3x Black Power Strike
3x Black Agile Reaction
3x Black Thwack
3x Black Energy Dodge
Black Rising Knee
Black Precise Aim

Freestyle Cards:
Nefarious Pact
Baby Vegeta's Immobile Defense
Villianous Carnage
Fistful of Pain
2x Hercule's Cresent Punch
Masterful Defense
Super Android 17's Aerial Defense
General Rilldo's Metalization
Trunks Searching
2x Wink Wink Nudge Nudge
3x Lookin Pimp Like
2x Piccolo's Destruction Drill
Black Smoke Dragon
3x Power Up the Most
2x Hidden Power Level
The Dragon Awaits
Aerial Elusion
Aerial Elusion
General Rilldo's Force Field

Epic Battle of Saiyans

Meanacing Evil


Well, here is the report on heroes con.  I personally enjoyed it, and Hope to go again next year.

Round One: Black Myuu Energized vs. Red Blazing Uub
Well, this fight wasn't too good (least not for me). I went through a block shortage (cause they all gathered at the bottem <_<')... Thankfully he didn't overkill me, just won by dragonball... Lets just say he was willing to fork out some dough, cause he had many an Ultra. The most memoriable moment of this fight was when I road raged him and saw all his It's the inside that counts...
Black Myuu 0-1

Round Two: Black Myuu Energized vs. Red Rush Uub
All's I got to say is that, Man, I'm glad I did a little pre-game trading. In my opening hand, this guy's fate was sealed. I did my first turn level, played coolness drill, and held on to Masterful Defense, General Rilldo's Force Field, and EBOS...  Pointless to hold on to all that, but I figured why not...  And shut him out 2 combats in a row. Then with Black Frieza's Fierce Detonation, Black Command, and Myuu's level 2 well, needless to say, the fight got even worse for him. It was an easy, but time consuming battle...
Black Myuu 1-1

Round Three:
Well, this guy was running a Black Frieza Control deck (about 75% of the decks at the regionals were black contol, but none ran Myuu like I did ;). Well, he got to level 3 real quick and owned the game from there... I never saw Frieza lv3 so I didn't know how broken it could be... Well, he kept hitting me over and over again, and I never really got too much of a chance to defend... Especially with Frieza's lv3 power. Needless to say, I lost.
Black Myuu 1-2

Round Four: Myuu Energized vs. Red Rush 17
Another Rush deck... And this one had Super 17 as an MP... But I was able to pwn this deck with EBOS and mass removal. I never thought I'd do it, but I used cards to level up to lv 4. Once I did that, the game was in the bag, especially as I could use some regen, then pick out one of the cards I regened. Once again, I killed him because of Black Frieza's Fierce Detonation. I just love that card, specially in focused. You just gotta... Anyways...
Black Myuu 2-2

Round Five: Myuu Energized vs. Orange Aura Goku
Man... I hate ally decks... I just hate them... We spent easily half the time stallin so we could draw cards (myself so I could draw decent attacks, Him so he could draw his allies)... He would declare, then use Orange Removal System to end combat and search for an ally. After he got almost all the Hero allies that exist in focused, he proceded to hit me twice with orange family, just about killing me. I put up as much a fight as I could,by trying to hit him with Myuu's power and such, but I just couldn't pull off a victory.
Black Myuu 2-3

Round Six: Myuu Energized vs. Blue Destruction Trunks
Wow... This fight should have been mine. It would have been had I not decided poorly to level up to level 4. It was a balanced fight at first, we were hitting each other blow for blow. He would use blue draining kamehameha and black, having mostly omni blocks, couldn't block it. He managed to get rid of my Force Field early, so I was out of hope for using it. I was killing him with my mastery and Myuu's power combined... Until I decided to level. Once I did that, I ran out of blocks real fast, and lost due to litteraly no blocks.
Black Myuu 2-4

Had I won the last fight I would have been in the top 32 cut (cause the tourny was a bit smaller, about 52 people). However, I had lots of fun playing at my first tourny, and really enjoyed it a lot. I plan on going next year as well.