From: Jeff Levin
Subject: tourney report

name is jeff levin.
Deck name: swk rush beatdown.
state :california city:umm went camping with a friend on the coast took me to a card store in town for a tourney there.
date: saturday june 5 2004

Well me and my friend didn't arrive till around 2 and stayed up playtesting our decks and tinkering around with em. i am running swk red rush obviously and he is running orange cs super android 17 1-5. we arrive around 11 and the tourney doesn't start till 11:30. i trade around and get some good lvls of broly and one more red axe heel kick to finish my deck. i look around and don't see barely any red decks but a lot of saiyan, black,and blue(???).
there is about 30 people there with single eliminations.

first round:
swk rush beatdown vs pikkon 1-5 blue destruction goku sensei??
alright i have never seen a deck like this before, but he only had one card in his sensei so i knew red aerial force would be coming in handy. after about 2 hands of us both passing and regening, he declares, i grab red crippler, red aerial force, red throwdown, and i already have super saiyan effect and a red static shot in my hand. he uses some energy that does 14, its stopped (from him trying to guess) i do super saiyan effect. he does an energy that does 19. hits i take all turn i do red static shot he stops with a omni block. his turn he does energy gathering.i do red crippler for another red crippler he has no blocks. he does another energy but misses. i do red crippler for red axe heel kick.he takes and can't prevent any of it. i red aerial force for top 8 and around 10 power stages. he has no cards in his hand. i do red axe heel kick for red toe pierce. i do red toe pierce for red throwdown and i do red throw down for red aerial force.
game, one combat but i guess he realizes pikkon isn't thatgood for blue.

round 2
swk rush beatdown vs black baby 1-4 energetic.
ok he doesn't use a sensei so thats a drag. all i kept thinking was don't let him get to lvl 4. after a couple turns of passing and regening i lay out
2 underdog drills, black groveling drill, and the red SS drill that draws a card as the defender he has like 4 allies out . he declares i grab red throwdown red energy blast, red mouth cannon apoc battle, red crippler and red hypersonic knockout and put red pulverize on top. he does his power and gets baby goten. i do apoc battle i win go to lvl 3. his turn does some energy that misses. red energy blast and remove shu(the girl who worked for emperor pilaf) or mai whatever her name is so he doesn't have a block. he takes. he switches to baby goten does his attack and misses. i do red crippler for red energy blast he stops . he switches to the little dog guy and makes me discard top 4. i do red energy blast again and remove bujin from the game. he passes i do red hypersonic knockout and get red axe heel kick. i use red axe heel kick for red energy blast and remove his other ally baby gohan i think from the game. he passes i do red throw down for red energy blast again and remove baby vegeta from the game. my turn i pass and no rejuv. he goes up a lvl (noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even tho he only has 2 allies out) he forgets his mastery and i declare and i grab red toe pierce with my ability. i do red thunder clap and he does black uber blast and it hits. i go to chain my discard pile to the win good game didn't have good black cards tho for his mastery.


round 3
swk rush vs. dum dum dum orange super android 17!!! yep i had to play my friend marcos,(from new mexico for those of you who think i made him up or
well i have never played S17 so this was a new expierence(the night before when we were playtesting he was using general rildo and switched this morning i guess). lucky for me he had nothing to get rid of drills. by the end of my 3rd turn i had red shaving, vqd, and the ss one that draws one as the attacker. he passes and lays out entering arena and i knew he would use it for cit. my turn i declare and i think i get a hand of red axe heel kick,red crippler,red throwdown,red thunderclap,red face slap, red toe pierce, red pummel, and red power rush. he does orange revenge death ball and 2 orange 5 finger focuses and i only am able to stop one of the 5 finer focuses. he has one card left and i have about 30 cards in discard pile so i continue to chain my discard pile when he does one more attack kid buus prepped crash. this was a big attack cause if i didn'tstop it i knew it would be hard to win he says even. red hyper sonice knockout ODD!! yes well i go that combat to kill him i think i chained about 18 attacks and he dies.

we take a break and me and marcos go across the street to a burger king or mcdonalds and get lunch . turns out he has gone 2-1, but he knew he would loose to me. well we go back to the tourney with full stomachs and hopes of winning.

round 4
swk rush beatdown vs saiyan supreme goku 1-5 gt with the lvl 1 being the preivew with master roshi sensei well i knew soon as we started how to beat this deck seeing that i run one, so i knew how to beat it. 3rd turn i declare and he grabs all energyattacks with no physical blocks i have red thunder clap red crippler and red axe heel kick and some other red physical attacks. i do about 40 life cards of damage but he was still smiling the entire time and i knew why. i take about
15 lc from his energies and its his turn.he lvls and declares. i knew what he was gonna do so i grab a tes and physical attacks including red toe pierce and red hypersonic knockout and red pummel for my mastery. he uses saiyan summoning i tes he doesn't tes back so now he cant lvl and he has already lost around 30 lcs. i do a physical attack that brings him to zero so no energies he continue to pound him untiil he died. he used up all his energy gatherings last turn so he couldn't keep going to max.good game i thoughyt for sure he wouldve pulled the goku 4 and5 gt loop to do some heavy damage.


final round(only five rounds? i was a little disapointed but happy since i didn't even realize i made it into the final round) swk rush beatdown vs. freestyle majin buu?? he uses evil lvl1,kid 2-3 fat lvl 4 and evil lvl 5 with goku sensei.
well i knew all to well what he would be doing so i senseid in two bsm and got em early so he could heel kick me or use majin buus fury. i chain a lot of my drill removal cards to keep his drills at a minimum and eventually kill him after many combats of him continuasly getting majin buus invincibility until i tes it. so he had no blocks and i had about 10 cards in my discard pile that rejuv other cards so i just chain attacked my way to victory.

result me WINNER!!!! my friend marcos placed 4 with a record of 4-1.
props: the guy hosting decided to let me choose 36 boosters since like 37 people showed up. my friend helped me pick about half of em we had a choice of super 17 and baby. he also got 6 boosters.
my pulling super 17 lvl 5 and saiyan groundslide!!

cons:the tourney being so short, but it was fun i later talked to the host and he said he could've made it longer but i was the only person with a 5-0 record so it wouldn't have mattered.
marcos pulling baby vegeta lvl 5 out of his boosters but he traded it to me cause he's a cool guy like that.

any questions email me at