Subject: Vegetas black heart Austin Faulkner
Vegetas black heart
Austin Faulkner
at Waterloo
# of people 10
       Main personality:
vegeta the powerful
vegeta the all powerful
vegeta the last prince
vegeta the ascendant
     mastery: black style /celestial game saga
     Sensei: west kai
     Energy combat:
Nappa's energy aura x1
frieza's force bubble x1
black axe heel kick x3
black fore fist punch x3
black fatality x2
black blasting beam x2
black knife hand strike x3
black preparation x3
black turning kick x2
garlic jr's energy blast x3
black twin blast x3
black point blank kamehameha x3
krillin's heat seeking blast x3
black energy web x3
black rear spin kick x3
       physical combat:
vegeta's physical stance x1
nappa's physical resistance x1
black elbow strike x1
black defensive stance x3
black wrist block x3
black finger block x3
black duck x3
black dodge x3
time is a warriors tool x1
super saiyan effect x1
   non combat:
expectant trunks x1
vegeta's quickness drill x1
black energy stamina drill x1
black smoothness drill x1
black zarbon transformation drill x2
black energy deflection drill x2
black studing drill x2
mommy's coming dear x1
black takedown drill x2
black power up x3
gohan's peacful stance x3
planet vegeta x3
      Dragon balls :
earth dragon ball 5
earth dragon ball 3
tourneyment report:
round #1
     black vegeta  vs. red kid trunks
   This guy was good and when I say good I mean really good. all of his red attack where doing plus 15 life cards of damage.but I drew alot more cards than him and with all my attacks and my mastery I was discarding his drills to take down the damage of his attacks in the end I just beat him down with energy attacks.
    Wins: 1 Losses :0
round #2
   black vegeta vs. black nail
     this guy was starting to bother me with his power doing five life cards of damage if stopped still does three. He was winning at first until I found out that he had no energy defense so I just beat the tar out of him he tryed to do physical attacks against me but since I am an energy attacking deck no physical were going to get pass my defense.
      wins: 2 losses : 0
 round #3
   black vegeta vs. cell red
      This battle was close he was using the physical red style mastery and cell level one high-tech two physical attack doing plus 3 power stages of damage . His physical attacks were not doing anything but his dumb allies were cell jr.s all nine of them he would use tiens tri-beam or  straining destruction move to get to zero and use ther energy attacks doing 15 life cards of damage in the end my unstoppable energy attacks beat him down . at the end of the battle i only had eigh life cards left.
    wins 3 losses 0
Austin Faulkner
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