Torbie, the unstoppable
Angelo Cranmer
Gilbert, Arizona
Waterloo adventure games
#8 people.   single elimination
Main personality:
lv1 torbie, the silent
lv2 torbie, the prepared
lv3 torbie, the unleashed
mastery:(worldgame saga)
Blue style mastery
sensi:Grand kai sensi
x1 hero's drill
x1 lv1 krillin, the father
x1 lv1 goten, the playful
x1 lv1 gohan, the great saiyaman
energy combat:
x1 nappa's energy aura
x1 frieza's force bubble
x2 blue big whirl throw
x3 blue sliding dodge
x1 blue terror
x1 trunks makes himself clear
x3 blue arm blast
x3 blue energy arrow
x3 blue thunder flash
x3 blue glare attack
x3 blue energy flight
x3 blue energy transformation
physical combat:
x1 vegeta's physical stance
x1 nappa's physical resistance
x3 blue evasion
x3 blue forearm block
x3 blue big outside drop
x3 blue fire kick
x3 blue back kick
x3 blue stomach eruption
x3 blue right power strike
x1 super saiyan effect
x1 time is a warrior's tool
x1 drills are for the weak
x3 smokescreen
x3 confrontation
x3 blue leaving
x3 blue total resistance
x1 earth dragon ball 5
x1 the truck
x1 mommy's coming dear
x1 namek dragon ball wish
x2 a hero's heart is strong
x3 piccolo's flight
x1 vegeta's quickness drill
x2 dying planet
1st round:   me vs. red spopovich deck
First cards I drew were mommy's coming dear, blue forearm block, and namek dragon ball wish. I passed. He entered with me I drew another blue forearmblock and 2 blue thunder flash. he used a physical attack, I stopped it with blue forearm block and my anger was1. Then I uesd blue thunder flash to riase anger 3 levels, then he used another physical attack I stopped it with blue forearm block and raised my anger to 5 and leveled up.He repeated the same move over again and I won by highest personality victory.
wins:1  losses:0
2nd round:   me vs. orange energy android 19
This match went by really fast. He enterd the first combat an used orange palm blast I stopped it with frieza's force bubble and I used blue energy transformation. he stopped it with hi personality power. Then I used trunks makes himself clear, and did 5 life cards and raised my anger 2 levels. He passed. Then I used another blue energy transformation and got to lv2 and searched for dying planet and put it in to play. Then I drew my 3 cards I got blue terror, blue enrergy flight, and mommy's coming dear. I placed down mommy's coming dear and entered with him and drew the bottom card using vegeta's quickness drill and got blue right power strike. I got to lv3 and won by highest personality victory.
wins:2   losses:0
Final macth:    me vs. red cell physical deck
first i drew mommy's coming dear, piccilos flight, and blue energy flight. he used his sensi and got cell jr. lv1. and placed out gravity chamber. I entered combat with him i drew 2 blue energy transformation and trunks makes him self clear. I used one blue energy transformation he stopped it . the he used tien's tri beam i didn't bother to stop it .I used the second blue energy transformation and put dying planet into play. Then he used tien's tri beam 2 more times. Next combat he drew out another gravity chamber and placed it into play and removed my dying planet. he passed. I drew 2 more piccilo's flight and placed them down and a vegeta's quickness drill into play and passed. next tur he drew he entered with me and used the cell's physical attack , I stopped with blue forearm block and leveled up I used torbie's focused physcal attack which i shouldn't have done. he took it and got to 1 stage above 0. he used the celljr. that searched for an ally and got the exact same one which he did a seacond time and used the last one to search for a cell jr. lv1 that did a physical attack. Then i used one of my a hero's heart is strong to remove his discard pile from the game. Then i got to lv3 using blue terror and got out blue energy flight. Then i drew the card i needed dying planet and anohter a hero's heart is srtong. i played both of them down. He entererd with me i drew blue energy arrow, blue forearm block and confrontation. He used cell's physical attack , i stopped it with blue forearm block and then i used confrontation and looked at his hand and shuffled his time is a warrior's tool back in to his deck. he used tien's tri beam and i didn't stop it. then i used trobie's energy attack to do 16 life cards of damage. Then he finally got to 0 and used all of his allies to finish me off. He had only 10 life cards left in his deck.
wins:2  losses:1
I got third place because the losers got to get second shot to get to get replaced, to vs. the person in first.
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