Majin Spopovich's Oxymoran
Andre Cranmer
Waterloo adventure games
#8 single elemanation
main personality:
lv1 majin spopovich 
lv2 majin spopovich, the empowered
lv3 majin spopovich, the revitalized
Mastery: (world game saga)
            Orange Style
sensei: north kai sensei
x3 straining counterstrike move
x3 orange power kick
x3 orange videl's jump kick
energy combat:
x1 nappa's energy aura
x3 orange thumbs up
x3 orange neck restraints
x3 orange resistance
x3 orange energy smash
x3 orange focused attack
physical combat:
x1 vegeta's physical stance
x1 nappa's physical resistance
x3 tien's block
x3 orange deflection
x3 orange fist catch
x3 orange close call
x1 cell's choke hold
x1 orange forceful kick
x1 hercule's drop kick
x3 tien's physical attack
x3 gohan's strike
x3 captin ginyu moves to attack!
x3 orange gut wrench
x3 orange direct strike
x3 orange flying drop kick
x3 orange knockout
x3 orange light jab
x3 orange straight jab
x1 super saiyan effect
x1 time is a warrior's tool
x1 battle pausing
x1 big man on campus
x2 yamcha's good wishes
x1 awful abrasions
x1 the plan
x3 tien's mental conditioning
x3 time chamber training
x1 orange haulting drill
x1 orange leg drill
x1 orange destruction drill
x1 vegeta's quickness drill
x2 orange joint restraint drill
round one:
orange spopovich vs. orange energy android20
first I played drew orange direct strike, hercule's drop kick, and orange gut wrench.
I used orange direct strike first and it was sucessful. the person was mad. that combat he had no defense so I did 31 life cards that combat. then next couple combats later he played vegeta's jolting slash so it went by slow . I used a physical attack next combat he used nappa's physical resistance. he whomped me that combat doing 20 life combat I drew nappa's energy aura and two physical attacks doing +4 stages. I used one he stopped it. he uesd an energy attack then I played you know what. I used orange light jab and it was sucessful. Ifinished him with cell's choke hold. this guy used an energy and
made himself go to zero. so my attacked did 19 life cards. thanks to orange joint restraint drill.
wins: 1 losses:0
round two:
orange spopovich vs. red physical spopovich
this match went by quick first I drew orange haulting and orange leg drill. every physical attack he did , did one stage. I played orange joint restraint drill and did 34 life cards the next combat, because I leveled up and did double physical attack. Next combat he couldn't stop any physical so I won the match in 2 minutes.
wins: 2 losses:0
round three:
orange spopovich vs. (new) black style nail
I have to say this match was pretty fast and boring. he used three krillin's heat seeking blasts and his power a couple of combats. I kept using physical attacks to raise my anger and got to level two. when I did he took a butt load of life cards. I got every modifer out and he was at zero when I entered. I drew orange light jab orange orange forceful kick and orange flying drop kick. I used orange flying drop kick first he stopped it I uesd all
my other attacks and did over 40 life cards that combat and won.
wins: 3 losses:0
round four:
orange spopovich vs. red physical cell
sad to say I lost this match very quickly. in fact the person I was versing is my freind.
I attacked him and he had allies an play that was a mistake and plus he had gravity chamber out. so he finished me with his cell jr.'s . ALL NINE OF THEM!! he finished me in one combat doing over 50 life cards because I was at zero. I just couldn't seem to draw the plan in time to finish him and his allies that battle.
wins:3 losses:1
all and all I got second in the tournament. I got three booster packs.
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