yo my name is supersaiyan mofo i posted a deck ages ago named sander van der vlis deck. with the coming of trunks saga i decided to make a tokui waza deck now i think mpp is the cheapest easiest way to win so i decided a red tokui waza deck. i know you think its cheap and thats why i love it i mean can u imagine winning in two turns it is amazing . now with the new mpp victorie rule you never use lv 4 card even if your opponent has a lv 4 card the person who gets to lv 4 first wins if you dont believe me check the dbz card game website. anyway i wont give you my deck but i will give you some vital cards to have and some red anger deck strategies.first  card you need is red style mastery i wont go in to wat it does you should know what it does if you dont your a noob and should not make a red anger deck. the red style mastery is the best mastery in my deck . now have 1 blazing anger, 1 enraged and 4 yes you can have 4 burnin! g rage th9is card is not banned or st me. i also realise this was a hughe article but hey its helped wright if you have any suggestions , comments etc e mail me at ChristineLatham@aol.com
now im not a girl im a guy but thats my mothers e mail name well thanx to pojo if they put this on their site and i have one comment i beat the guy that beat brian valdez in the world championships with the same deck he used in the championships so that makes me the best player in the worlsd wright? now u ask why did u not win the world championships wll the truth is i got knocked yes i got beat but that was not using my undefeated red anger deck that was using my blue dragonball deck well i got cramp in my fingers now from typing well c ya.