Main Personality
Garlic Jr. Lv. 1
Garlic Jr., Lv. 2 The Master
Garlic Jr., Lv. 3 The Monster
Garlic Jr., Lv. 4 The Void Master
Android 20 Is Caught Off Guard X3
King Cold's End X3
Orange Power Shifting Drill X3
Frieza's Powering Rage X3
Power Up More
Orange Tripping Drill
Blazing Anger
Orange Aura Drill
Physical Combat
Orange Uppercut X3
Orange Fist Detonation X3
Orange Straight Jab X3
Orange Holding After Takedown X3
Garlic Jr's Kyokaika Technique X3
Orange One Knuckle Punch X2
Orange Arm Bar X2
Orange Fist Catch
Orange Wrist Flex Takedown
Orange Two Knuckle Punch
Orange Hip Throw
Energy Combat
Orange Thumbs Up X3
Orange Surprise Blast X3
Orange Energy Blast X3
Android 19's Energy Burst X2
Orange Palm Blast X2
Orange Kamehemeha Attack X2
Orange Neck Restraints X2
Orange Special Beam Cannon X2
Android 20's Energy Burst X2
Android 20's Enraged X2
Android 20's Energy Dive
Orange Power Ball
Cell's Dark Attack
Orange Resistance
Orange Planet Destruction
Orange Taunting Attack
Cell's Threatening Position
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