Black Knight
TS Lv 1-4 Piccolo
Black style Mastery
1 Power up
1 Black Studing Drill
1 Andriod 18's low blow
1 Trunks makes himself clear
1 Hidden power level
1 Black side thrust
1 Black head strike
1 Andriod 20's enraged
1 Black defense aura
1 Goku's Ready
2 Black taunting attack
2 Black axe heel kick
1 Black rear spin kick
1 Black swift elbow strike
2 Black finger block
1 Andriod 20's energy burst
1 Kami Fades
1 Cell's dark attack
1 Trunks stands ready
3 Black draining aura
1 Lv 2 Garlic Jr. HT
2 Black driving palm strike
1 Power
2 Andriod 20 is caught off gaurd
2 Black hug manuver
2 Black Defensive Burst
2 BlackGut Wrench
2 Black overpowering attack
1 A hospital stay
1 Black Physical Drill
1 Alien anger
1 Black takedown drill
1 Black energy deflection drill
1 Burning rage
1 Jeice flash attack 
1 Black energy assault
1 King cold's end
1 Black energy blasts
1 Powerfull Followers
1 The untroubled mind is focused
1 Black side kick
1 Breakthrough drill
1 Black jump turn kick
1 Black erasing drill
Number o' cards 60
Strategy: Even though its not my main deck I feel this is an o.k. deck it has a good balance of energy attacks and physical attacks.It may look weak but the attacks and D add up Please post this it took me forever to type. And send any idea's or comments to Thankfully Roy V.