Main Personality
Garlic Jr. Lv.1
Garlic Jr., the Master Lv. 2
Garlic Jr., the Monster Lv.3
Garlic Jr., the Void Master Lv.4
Dordoria Lv.1
Captain Ginyu Lv.1
Raditz Lv.1
Raditz Lv.2
Physical Combat
Red Knife Hand X2
Red Front Kick
Vegeta's Physical Stance
Black Side Kick
Blue Defensive Flight
Orange Wrist Flex Takedown
Red Power Rush
Trunks Draws Steel
Garlic Jr. Kyokaika Technique
Saiyan Lightening Dodge
Black Finger Block
Energy Combat
Orange Energy Blast X2
Red Side Kick X2
Orange Neck Restraints X2
Black Rear Spin Kick X2
Spice Prepares an Energy Blast
Red Kienzan Discs
Goku's Energy Absorption
Straining Rolling Escape Move
Recoome Boom
Trunks Sword Position 3
Captain Ginyu's Energy Attack
Good Advice
Frieza's Finger Tip Energy Blast
Straining Energy Defense Move
Red Energy Disk Blasting
Orange Resistance
Straining Ankle Smash Move
Red Energy Charge
Red Energy Blast
Piccolo's Stance X2
Power Up More X2
Saiyan Armor
Goku's Touch
Power Up
Tien's Mental Conditioning
Frieza's Powering Rage
King Cold's End
Unexpected Company
Burter's Power Stance
Blazing Anger
Android 20 Is Caught Off Guard
Blue Cradle Drill X2
Red Evasion Drill
Black Defensive Aura X3
Saiyan Focusing Power
Vegeta's Energy Blast
Time is a Warriors Tool
Dragon Balls
Earth Dragon Ball 1, 3, 4, 5
This deck is very good against energy decks.With GJ's power on level 1,2,3 energy attacks do way less. (good thing!) If I had more Goku's Touch I would put 3 so I might be able to steal DBs 2,6,7. If you have any help for this deck, please e-mail me at 
Thanks in advance!