Vegetas Hidden Power
Tyler Lovejoy
About 35 People
            Vegeta's Hidden power
                                Vegeta,The Determined
                                Vegeta, The Powerful
                                   Vegeta,In Training
                                Vegeta,Saiyan Prince
Deck Contents:
        Physical Attacks:
        2 Saiyan Face Stomp
        2 Saiyan Destiny
        3 Saiyan Wrist Block
        1 Saiyan Knee Strike
        1 Saiyan Heads Up
        1 Saiyan Left Kick
        1 Saiyan Full Spin Kick
        1 Saiyan Pressure Punch
        1 Vegeta's Physical Stance
        1 Nappa's Physical Resistance
           Energy Attacks:
        2 Saiyan Planet Explosion
        2 Krillins Heat Sinking
        2 Saiyan Rapid Energy Deflection
        1 Saiyan Focus
        1 Saiyan Glare
        1 Trunks Makes Himself Clear
        1 Saiyan Concussion Punch
        1 Good Advice
        1 Luck of Trunks
        1 Saiyan Energy Aura
        1 Yamcha's Skillful Defense
        1 Goku's Super Saiyan Blast
        1 Goku's energy Absorption
        1 Saiyan Focus
        1 Saiyan Inspection
        1 Powerful Followers
        1 Vegeta's Smirk
        1 Goku's Capturing Drill
        1 Awful Abrasions
        1 King Cold's End
        1 Kami Fades
        1-7 Namek Dragonballs
        1 Goku's Heart Disease
        1 Freeza is Ready
        1 Gohan Spots The Imposter Drill
        1 Yamcha's Godd Wishes
        1 Vegeta's Quickness Drill
        1 Vegeta's Plans
        1 Sever Bruises
        1 Namek Dragonball Wish
        1 Eyes of the Dragon
        1 Hero's Lucky Break
        1 Senzu Effect
        1 Goku's Luck Break
        Combat Cards:
        2 Saiyan Focusing Power
        1 Vinegars Revenge
        1 Cell's Defense
        1 Time Is A Warriors Tool
        1 Vegeta's Surprise Defense
        1 Mothers Touch
        1 Chiatzu's Psychic Halt
        1 Cell's Threatening Position
        1 Trunks Energy Sphere
        1 Dream Fighting
        1 Android 18's Stare Down
        1 Kami's Floating Island
            This Deck is one of the best I have ever made.  This Deck has a ton of Saiyan Style cards, so I can keep my opponent at 0. This deck has 2 ways of winning (1. Dragonball- As you can see I have many cards that take dragonballs out of my deck) (2. Survival- This Deck with make your opponent mad because he will always be kept at 0 at most cases, Because I my mastery.)  I have covered most of Saiyan Mastery's weaknesses...Yes ANGER that is why I have added Severe Bruises, Awful Abrasions, Cells Threatning Position, and of course Goku's Heart Disease...I have a Gohan spots the imposter drill for 2 reasons (1. Goku's Heart Disease- Your opponent can't raise his anger until he puts an ally into play. Also it is a very good addition to my deck because my opponent will constantly be at the dreaded 0 that's right no allies to help him.
        Tips for any Saiyan Mastery- I suggest you have these 3 cards in every Saiyan Style deck you male
         1. Kami's Floating Island- WHY wouldn't you have this in you Saiyan deck!!!... Lets think about this You keep 1 card in your hand after each turn. If you or you opponent declares you draw 3 draw one for your mastery and one for Kami's Floating Island.. There is 6 cards in you hand right there...Also if you load your deck with physical attacks your opponent will be getting hurt very badly
        2.  Vegeta's Quickness Drill- This card has the same reasons for Kami's floating Island... If you have all those in play 7 CARDS IN YOU HAND!!!!
        3. Vinegars Revenge- Now come on This card says your opponent can't gain power stages until the begining of your turn...Saiyan Mastery will help him be at 0...Even if it is his combat there shall be no powering up for him.
        Report-  This was a tournament held at Tommorow Is Yesterday
        1st battle I faced a kid with Blue Mastery... This Kid was a cinch because my deck was not based on anger. The kid was using Gohan.. The battle lasted for about 9 mintues to bad for him because he was a weak personality and my guy was fairly strong. I finished him when he was at 0 using Saiyan Face Stomp
        2nd Battle The kid used Red Mastery with Trunks... I knew red was Saiyans weakness but I kept my cool..Ends up he gets rid of all my anti anger cards... I felt I was in Deep Crap. But the miricale came when I had 6 dragonball in play I drew Vegeta's smirk played it and used it winning by Dragonball victory
        3rd The kid also used Red Mastery. But with Gohan... He was in deep crap because he had barely any powerful attacks... I happen to Draw Awful Abrasions and Kami Fades (He used Earth Dragonballs). We waited a while until he got to levl 2 that is when I knew he was coming up on some very good anger raising attacks.. I declared and used Kami Fades... That destroyed his whole deck basically he was a total wuss after that
        4th Battle-Final  I was so happy because the kid used Orange Mastery with Frieza... The kid did not stand a chance I bascically kept him at the whole time and he was finished in no time
I am an awesome deck maker I deck I have made has done very well at a tournament if you need any deck suggestions E-mail me at ... My name is Tyler