Gohan's Super Saiyan Power 
By: Tyler Shepherd
Clinton, Mi
Date of the tournament: 8-2-01
People in tournament:32
Main Personality,
Level1 IR2 promo super saiyan gohan
Level2 Gohan the fighter
Level3 Gohan the warrior
Level4 Gohan Empowered
Saiyan style mastery
1 Time is a warriors tool
1 Saiyan truce card
1 captain ginyu frog
2 frieza smiles
1 Hero's lucky break
1 Vegeta's Quickness drill
1 saiyan concentration
1 goku's ready
1 saiyan armor
1 severe bruises
1 Vegeta's dragonball capture
1 Vegeta scans the city
1 Mommy's comming dear
1 saiyan power drill
1 Power up the most
1 Goku's heart disease
2 Saiyan battle terms
2 Tien's mental conditioning
2 Android 20's search pattern
2 powerful followers
2 Teaching the unteachable forces observation
Energy Combat,
1 Saiyan glare
1 Saiyan planet explosion
1 Nappa's energy aura
1 goku's energy obsorption
1 Saiyan focus
1 Good advice
2 goku's super saiyan blast
2 Saiyan concussion punch
3 Saiyan rapid deflection
Physical Combat,
1 Saiyan arm throw
1 Earth dragonball capture
1 Garlic jr's kyokaika technique
1 Goku's battle ready
1 Chiaotzu's psychic halt
1 Vegeta's physical stance
2 Goku anger attack
2 Saiyan left kick
2 Saiyan wrist block
2 Saiyan flying tackle
2 Goku's physical attack
3 Saiyan destiny
3 Goku's training
Total: 66 card deck 
Strategy:  Basically you use SSJ Gohan's power to draw an extra card when you started the combat and the mastery lets you draw an extra card which should let you have the advantage with attacks against your opponent and if your lucky you can win the game in one turn if you get two Goku's physical attack on your first turn you should do at least 1 damage with each attack and if your opponent can't stop the attack or end combat you have won the game because if you only use the 2 goku's physical attack which lets you draw a card from the bottom of your discard pile plus an attack you will keep drawing goku's physical attack to attack some more until your oponent doesn't have any life cards left.  Or you can just take your time and pummel your oppenonts into the ground.
The Tournament:  My first opponent had a red anger deck that was getting the best of me at first but I got a goku's heart disease on him and stoped him dead in his tracks because he did not have and ally's in his deck, so I beat him up with my attacks. 1-0.  My second opponent had a blue deck that had no affect on me because my deck doesn't have any anger cards in the deck and my cards to stop attacks and end combat made quick work of their attacks while I chipped away his deck until he was defeated. 2-0.  My third opponent had a beat down deck that had messed up the way my deck works with a straining jump kick move and giving me six anger.  I then got lucky by my opponent using vegeta scans the city on me and that just about ended the game for my opponent.  3-0.   The finals was a very easy game because my opponent was using a red anger deck and I drew goku's heart disease on my first turn.  From then on I just pummeled him with my physical and energy attacks.  That is how my deck won its first tournament.  Final Record=4-0.
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