OK this tourney was at the store Vintage Stock on Sat. of the labor day
weekend. I was playing my pride and joy deck RED STYLE MASTERY. I expected to
do good, because everyone underestimated me, even though I am still
undefeated ; x. ANyway I actually showed up as it turned out 15
sec!!!!!!late!!!! but I played 4 people that were in the tournament and here
is my deck and how it did.
Forest Law13's red style vegeta
x1 red style mastery
x1 vegeta NON HT saiyan saga
x1 vegeta the powerful
x1 vegeta the trained
x1 vegeta saiyan prince
x1 namek DB1
x1 namek DB2
x1 namek DB3
x1 namek DB4
x1 namek DB5
x1 namek DB6
x1 namek DB7
x1 red tactical drill
x3 red knige hand
x3 red reverse punch
x3 red palm heel strike
x3 red power lift
x3 gohan's ready
x2 red power rush
x2 captain ginyu moves to attack
x1 red knee bash
x1 red shattering leap
x1 red elbow strike
x3 captain ginyu's energy attack
x3 red energy charge
x2 gohan's temper
x3 red blazing aura
x1 CPS
x1 VPS
x1 red counterstrike
x1 red knee strike
x1 NEA
x1 yamcha's skilled DEF
x3 gohan's energy DEF
x1 goku lucky break
x1 hero enraged
x1 blazing anger
x3 burning rage
 I WAS AT 100anger when I got there because I was late by 15 sec!!!!! Oh well
to prove myself I challenged #2 at our store to a battle!
FOrest LawVS nolan namekian style mastery/nail
 He is the cockiest person there, we have trash talked so much about how each
of us was going to beat the other, well lets just say it didn't go Nolan's
was >=D OK I started with a great hand of red physicals that gain anger, and
every turn I managed to gain 5 anger so I won on the 4th turn!!! =D he was
mad, he was like that deck is sooo cheap blah blah blah he is a sore loser
and I have bragging rights over him forever! 1-0
Forest LAwVSn00b with illegal deck Goku/orange style mastery
OK this was a fun match, just to beat on him, he had goku but he played
orange mastery illegaly! All kinds of colors were in his deck, but I let it
slide because I knew he stood no chance, he also had battle simulators as
allies =/ Well He was easily cast aside by 5th turn with my steady anger
growth =D 2-0
Forest Law VS litle asian boy with gohan no mastery
I forget his name, but he is funny =D He played no mastery, and played all
different colors, he managed to put up quite a fight, on account of I drew a
hand of DBs and non combats when it wasn't my turn!! Oh well I got to the 4th
stage pretty far in and he said it didn't count as a win so I beat on him
with vegeta saiyan prince for 3 more attacks, and he gave up and I went to go
get a foot long at SUBWAY. 3-0
Forest Law13 and little kid(gohan) I just talked aboutVS red haired kid(gohan
no mastery) and older asian guy(black frieza)
by older I mean he was about my age he was like 13 and I am 14 in 21 days =D
Anyway I got 1st turn and just beat on the red haired kid and my partner
attacked red hair kid too. THe black fireza guy(his partner) just kept ending
combat I guess stalling and hoping he would have enough deck to beat us. Well
he had to leave and I finished off red hair kid the turn he left with vegeta
LVL4. SO me and little asian kid were victorious!!4-0
 I know I would have come in 1st in the tournment because I beat #2 in the
stores deck in 4 turns and #1 plays the exact same kind of deck!!only with
piccilo but it was the avenger, I would have pounded him too. I was extactic
my 1st tournmanet and I proved I was at least tied for best player at our
store!! Anyway if you have any comments, suggestions, or something Email it to
PLaTinumGoLD4652@aol.com so my final record was 4-0 then I watched burnt pie
get the european championship belt in WWF raw deal...his real name is Josh
and mine BTW is Sam ;/ anyway peace out and always, always eat toast ;/ later