Piccolo's Power Pit!

(Note 10/19/01 - From: SSJGOKU26283135

hello my name is Jake I just wanted to let you know if you didnt already that the piccolo destruction unit in the tips section is an illegal deck design because it uses orange cards with a namekian mastery)


Hey people check this deck out!  It's purely a Namikien/Orange deck!  Well here is the deck list!  P.S. I just play with my friend not in a tournament!
Mastery:  Namikien Style Mastery
Main Personality:
Leval 1 Piccolo the trained
Leval 2 Piccolo Revived
Leval 3 Piccolo the Hero
Leval 4 Piccelo Enraged
Allies (3)
Leval 1 Nail
Leval 2 Nail
Leval 1 Dende
Combat (30)
3 Namikien Determinashon
3 Namikien Dodgeing Tequniqu
2 Namikien Blocking Stance
2 Piccelo's Stance
4 Orange Spicel Beam Canon
4 Namikien Glare Attack
4 Namikien Braced Attack
4 Orange Dashing Gut Punch
4 Namikien Blocking Defense
Non Combat ()
4 Guru Fades Fades Away
4 Namikien Orange DragonBall Wish
3 Nail Combat Drill
3 Namikien Phiscal Drill
4 Sicel Beam Canon Drill
Dragon Ball (7)
Namikien Dragon Ball #1
Namikien Dragon Ball #2
Namikien Dragon Ball #3
Namikien Dragon Ball #4
Namikien Dragon Ball #5
Namikien Dragon Ball #6
Namikien Dragon Ball #7
Battle Ground (4)
4 Kami's Floating Island
It is pretty much a most powerful victory deck. 
Here are the matchs I played
John Tyler Barns Raditz u Bean deck
This was a pretty difficult game......  he creamed me 1st match but I beat him the next 2
Record  1 win 2 lose
TWBONES Gokou Galagun deck
He got beat down by me!!!  first a dragon ball victory and then 2 most powerful victory!
4 win 2 lose
Bens Brother's King Cold & Friza's Revenge deck
Beat me 1's I got a survival victory than a most powerful I was having a awesome day!
win 6 lose 3
Matt's Namek beat down
Really intinse it came down to me geting my lv.4  piccelo to the top or his picclo to the top it was intense
7 wins 3 lose
Bob's Vegeta's Galigun
He beat me twice I beat him 4 times!
11 wins 5 loses
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Pojo rules!!!  so does piccolo!
AIM me at woodlandtree3!